Best Places To Travel in 2018

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Well, the echo of the cities is equally attracting the as the calmness of countryside. The travelers who crave to learn about new cities, the culture, and cuisine, city travel is their perfect cup of coffee. While wandering through the various cities you always learn something new rather new dish or taste the new flavor of chocolate or simply few best lessons of life. Each city has plenty of the travel stories built around it and waiting for you to decode the totally new aspect of the story!

The following are the top 10 cities, which can be the next storytelling incident of your life!

1. Detroit, Michigan (USA)

Detroit City View

Being listed in the top cities of 2018 by Lonely Planet, the Detroit is slowly making its mark in the traveling industry. Known as the Motor City, the place is famous for being home to Ford Motor Company. The city has rich History and culture which reflects through the museums, institution of art and art galleries located in the town. You can see the stunning water scenes and beautiful beaches at the riverfront offering you romantic walking tours. The other places like the science center and Zoo make it family friendly. Apart from the history and beautiful architecture, the place has gotten sizzling seafood and shopping.

2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam view

Built on 11 million wooden poles and having more than 100 kilometers of canals, Amsterdam is certainly a unique city to visit. There are 1281 bridges in all of Amsterdam. Magere Brug which is also known as the Skinny bridge is the most famous bridge in the city attracting a lot of visitors every day. Even though the city is not huge, there are over 1500 bars and cafes. With more than 850,000 bikes in the city (more than the population), the biking community here is amazing. Described as one of the most culturally diverse European city, Amsterdam is certainly a place to relax and do whatever you want.

3. Dubai, UAE


Dubai is the place where you can see the imaginations turning into reality; the place has set the new standards of the modern architecture before the world. Known for the sky touching skyscrapers, the city will mesmerize you with its stunning outlets and glossy interior. The city is the place where you can find out the rare combination of nature, the sea, and dessert. Here, you can just get tanned on a beach and enjoy the water sport or enjoy the wild safaris. The Dubai is famous for another wonder, man-made palm island which is home to luxurious resorts and hotels. The glittering city has gold Souks and trends setting shopping opportunities. The culture is the melting pot of various countries and you can see its impact on the classic cuisine. The Dubai is the place, which will leave you with widen eyes and full of surprises.

4. Auckland, New Zealand


As per the Maori name of the Auckland, this defines the place as “Tāmaki with a hundred lovers”.  Being located on the north shores of the New Zealand, the city has plenty of breathtaking beaches like East Coast and West Coast beaches. Auckland has got classic architecture monuments like Auckland sky tower. You can also learn the history and culture of the place through the Auckland War Memorial Museum and Auckland Art Gallery. Other places which grab the attention of the tourist are the Voyager New Zealand Maritime Museum and Aquarium where you can learn about the sea life. Auckland is also home to Great Barrier Island and Rangitoto Island which offers you the opportunities for camping, hiking, mountain biking, and sea kayaking.

5. Denver, Colorado, USA

Denver Mountain Parks

Denver is the capital city of the Colorado and has been appealing the tourist with its breathtaking beauty. The place is home to snow-capped mountains peaks and picturesque locations. Here you can see the example of western history like The History Colorado Center the Molly Brown House. The Denver is home to plenty of parks offering several playgrounds, picnic areas, and sporting activities. The Denver is famous for The Denver Art Museum and The Clyfford Still Museum, which offers the fine art scenes. The place is famous for its music events. Here, you can find out the local craft beer and fantastic cuisine.

6. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Old San Juan Picture

Being called as the enchanted island, the San Juan is the Caribbean city of the Puerto Rico. The place has amazing vacation friendly climate and cheap rates of traveling. The place has diverse landscapes which offer classic views, here; you can simply make your way to beaches and enjoy water sports. Being the historic district, the Old San Juan offers you the opportunities to explore centuries-old buildings, cobble-stoned streets, squares, churches and castles. The San Juan celebrates the music so here you can find out plenty of music festivals and vibrant nightlife. The food of the place will amaze you with the local fresh aroma.

7. Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Kaohsiung LotusPond

The Kaohsiung is port city of the Taiwan. The place is home to eye catching nature view and beaches. The Kaohsiung is famous for the excellent architecture, culture and history. The Kaohsiung has two travel gems, the Lotus temple, and love river. The night markets and amusement park or shopping mall makes your vacation more interesting. The place offers some fine art scenes and fresh local cuisine. Kaohsiung is perfect for enjoying the coffee with the eye-soothing waterfront views. The history of the place has the touch of the modernity. Enjoy being part of the Traditional Taiwanese Culture.

8. Vancouver, Canada:

Vancouver Canada

The Vancouver has frequently made its place in “world’s best cities to live in”. The city has magnificent mountains and outstanding ocean surrounding it. The place offers you some epic adventures.  The Vancouver is also home to the glorious forest parks which offer you the biking, strolling, swimming or simply enjoying the aquarium. As the Vancouver has attracted people from all over the world, so here you can see the influence of various cultures and meet friendly locals. The place has some fine examples of architecture like Art Deco masterpiece and a working steam clock. The cuisine of the place reflects the passion of the locals towards food and the shopaholics’ count the place as shopping heaven.

9. Oslo, Norway

Oslo Opera House

The Norway’s capital city is also the economic, political and cultural hub of the country. The Oslo has a fascinating history and spellbinds landscapes. The place has plenty of famous museums like Viking Ship Museum, Farm Museum, Norwegian Maritime Museum and Norwegian Folk Museum which introduce you to its elegant architecture, eminent culture and riveting shipping history. The harbor city offers you some fine restaurants, shopping, and adventures, here, the coffee is the part of the culture, so do enjoy it! The Oslo offers you the walking tours and letting you find the own meaning of city tours.

10. Hamburg, Germany

Humberg Great Lakes

Known as ‘The gateway to the world’, the Hamburg is the major port of the Germany. The place has been the important economic center for the Germany through the centuries. Added to the list of the Unesco World Heritage sites, the city has plenty of museums and monuments which narrate its stunning shipping history like Maritime Museum. The city is also home to the wonder Miniature Wonderland, which is largest model of the railway systems in the world. Being the hotspot of the universities, the place is full of young vibes and has fabulous nightlife. Here, you can enjoy the boating, cruising, and shopping.

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