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Best Kaohsiung Attractions

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Best Kaohsiung Attractions

5 Beautiful Attractions to Visit in Kaohsiung

Known as “Taiwan’s Maritime Capital”, the Kaohsiung is Taiwan’s largest port. Once famous for the industries and business, now the city is developing as the vacation place. The Kaohsiung is in the latest traveling trends due to the perfect weather, brand new attractions and cheap rates. The town has established the new airy cafes, wide streets, waterside parks, public transport, bicycle lanes and cultural venues. The changed Taiwan has vibrant night market, restaurants serving luscious food and party fun.

Following are the 5 attractions of Kaohsiung that make your trip more than perfect:

1. Love River

Love River

The Love River is as attractive as the name, the river divides the Kaohsiung into two sections. Once highly criticized for being polluted, now the river is under the development and has risen as the new attraction for the local as well as tourist.

Being formally known as the Kaohsiung Waterway or The Kaohsiung Canal, the river has an interesting history behind named as Love River. Here, you can have romantic boat rides, enjoy dinner or just simply walk around in the beautiful river bank. While wandering around do have a look on Soaring Dragon Fish Statue which is located on the east bank of the river.

2. Zizhu Village

The Zizhu Village developed for the Military Dependents. Being built during 1940 to 1950, the purpose of the villages is to provide provisional housing for the military soldiers and their dependents. Though afterward turned into the permanent residency of the military, the villages destructed due to poor maintenance.

Lately, the villages has been renovated and preserved by the local students. The new historical site has caught attention due to the artistic efforts and social media campaigns.

3. Cijin Island

The Cijin Island is located at just a few minutes distance from the Kaohsiung. You can either take a ferry ride or can drive to the place. The place has an awesome climate, clear beach with vibrant nightlife and activities. For the lover of seafood the place heaven, so don’t forget to taste it.

Apart from beach, the place is also famous for the attractions like Tianhou Temple & Cihou, Cihou Lighthouse, Cihou Fort, Cijin Seashore Park, Windpower Park, and the YM Museum of Maritime Exploration.

4. Lotus Pond

Lotus Pond Entrance

Lotus pond is an artificial beauty of the Taiwan. This manmade lake is being popular not just for the peaceful environment but also for the 20 breathtaking temples surrounding the temples. The lake always has the blossoming lotuses, which named the pace as lotus pond.

While visiting the place, make sure that you also see the spring and Autumn Pavilions, Dragon Tiger Pagodas and the Confucian Temple. The lotus pond is the perfect refreshment you might need on your trip.

5. The Former British Consulate

The former British Consulate is the oldest building in the Taiwan. Being built in 1865, the building has been designed by the Ministry of the Interior. The building has red-bricked archways and you can see old British colonial style architecture here. The building is dived into four parts which allow you to explore the history through the old historical documents, photos, and other artifacts.

Now the place has been turned into café and one of the most favorite tourist attractions. From here you can enjoy the awesome views of the Kaohsiung shoreline.

Kaohsiung is quite and not so crowdie place. Here, you can find out many attractions and fun activities. The culture and heritage make this place worth visiting.