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Best Places to Visit in Auckland

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Best Places to Visit in Auckland

Auckland is the city located in the New Zealand. Often called as the city of sails, the place has the lots of attractions within the city. The place is nature's phenomenon having sensational beaches, marvelous harbors, wonderful waterfront and historic villages. Being home to several galleries, it represents the art and history of the city. The golden sandy beaches and waterfront cafes are there to make your vacation good. Here are the few places which make your journey to Auckland more picturesque.


The following are the 10 top attractions in Auckland which can make your visit more interesting.


1. Auckland Sky Tower

The Sky Tower is the largest tower in the New Zealand. It's 328 kilometers high from the street level and you have the magnificent views of the city up to 80 kilometers in every direction. The place is perfect to have the glimpse of the city, the landmarks, historical locations, and volcanoes. Apart from the views, the place has some finest restaurants, games and adrenaline activities for the visitors. The sky tower is the hub of the entertainment and fun. It’s also home to some world-class casinos, where you can try your luck!

2. Waitemata Harbour

Known as the Auckland Harbour, it is the main access by sea to Auckland. The tour to the Harbour offers you breathe taking views of the city from the water. Apart from this, you can enjoy the water activities such as kayaking. You can also have a tour guide who can introduce you with the city’s charm and nearby landmarks. While enjoying the cruise trip, don’t forget to put on the sun creams!

3. One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is the 182-meter volcanic peak in Auckland. For both Maori and New Zealanders, it’s the memorial place. If you want to feel like being in the countryside, it’s the perfect place having greenery, where you can see the sheep and cattle. The Cornwall Park and historic Acacia Cottage are there to be explored by the visitors. Have some walks to the place and enjoy the beauty!

4. Waiheke Island

The island is located in the Hauraki Gulf of New Zealand. The place is famous for its astonishing beaches and world class wine. The place is home to the beautiful art galleries and craft stores. While enjoying the beauty of the place you can enjoy the finest coffee of your life. The place has appetizing fresh Pacific Rim cuisine for you. The place has marvelous nature scenes and awesome wine verities to be tasted.

5. Viaduct Harbour

The Aker Brygge is the center of the fun. Here, you can find out the all good things like culture, shopping, dining, and tourism activities. The place is home to fine seafood and wine. Apart from that, you can find out some fine heartwarming art and music scenes.

6. Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium

If you want to have some fine family time or you like to explore one of the best places in New Zealand, you must have to visit the Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium. Being home to the Antarctic Encounter gallery, which is a reflection of Antarctica representing the snow fields and the penguin, the place has been attracting the visitors successfully. The place has lots of underwater species such as sharks, tropical fish, and stingrays.

7. Auckland City Center Architecture

Each place has the tales of the history and the Auckland is not an exception. The modern looking city has many places where the art of architecture is preserved. The History lovers can explore the heritage of the place on the places such as Ferry Building, Chief Post Office, and Auckland Town Hall. The St. Patrick's Cathedral is one of the first churches of the New Zealand. The contemporary towers of the city mix the essence of vintage in the modernization of the city.

8. Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Islands

Being home more than 50 islands the place is at the top of the traveler's list. The place has five marine reserves which are the finest place to relax. Being hub to the water activities, the place is heaven for the water sports lovers, offering the camping, hiking, mountain biking, and sea kayaking opportunities. If you want to enjoy exploring the bird species, visit the Tiritiri Matangi Island where you can see the takahe, blue penguins, kiwi, and brown teal.

9. East Coast Beaches

Well, you got the finest beaches to spend your vacation. The place has stunning sandy strips of the city and popular among the visitors. You have the verity of beaches to choose from such as Takapuna Beach, Rangitoto Beach, Milford Beach and Orewa Beach. The golden sand beaches are surrounded by the forest and offer excellent swimming and sunbathing. It’s the place where you have all surf, sun and seaside cafes to make your vacation good.

10. Auckland Art Gallery

Auckland Art Gallery will leave an artistic impression on you of the city. The Auckland is home to the many renowned galleries, but the art gallery has the most extensive art collection of the New Zealand and preserved more than 15000 unique artworks. The New Zealand Historic Art Gallery, Maori Portraiture Gallery and New Zealand collection are the eye candy parts of the Auckland Art Gallery.

Auckland is the place where you can explore history, view marine life, enjoy yummy food, play water sports and feed your soul with peace. Grab the soul and eye soothing experience!