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Best Places to Visit in Hamburg

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Best Places to Visit in Hamburg

Being named as the ‘The gateway to the world’, the Hamburg is the Germany’s second-largest city and biggest port. Being most important media hub of the Germany, the place is always on the wish list of the visitors. The place is famous for its port and harbor activities. Apart from that, the Hamburg is also famous for the glorious history and stunning architecture. The place holds the youthful vibes as it’s also home to famous universities, here, you can also find out some classic art scenes and awesome nightlife. The Hamburg is also known for its distinct music and shopping opportunities. Those who love adventure, the place also offers boat rides and water activities.

The following are the top attractions in Hamburg which can make your visit more interesting:

1. Kunsthalle Hamburg

Kunsthalle is one of the largest and most important art galleries of the Germany. Being built during 1850, initially, it’s famous as the art hall. The place narrates the story of the culture through the art pieces and paintings, here, you can find out the artifacts related to almost 7 centuries.

The precious collection of the art museum includes the North German paintings art belonging to 14th century, Dutch, Flemish and Italian artist’s paintings from the 13th and 17th centuries, the 19th century collections counted as the most important as it shows the work of the romantic artists and German Impressionism which are drawings and paintings, international modern and contemporary art.

2. Miniature Wonderland

The Miniature Wonderland is not just the toy train layout but it is much more than that. Being the most popular tourist attraction in Germany, the wonderland never failed to amaze the visitors. Covering the area of 1150 square meters, 12,000 meters of track and 890 trains, it’s the largest railway model in the world.

The wonderland allows you to have the glimpse of many countries railway and airports, basically divided into 9 sections like the Harz, the fictitious city of Knuffingen, the Alps, and Austria, Hamburg, America, Scandinavia, Switzerland, also a replica of the Hamburg Airport and Italy. The tiny wonderland will definitely mesmerize you with its wonder.

3. Hamburg Rathaus (City Hall)

The city hall, Hamburg Rathaus is located at center of the Hamburg at the Altstadt quarter. The city hall was built during the years 1886 to 1897. The building is also famous for its stunning architecture and mesmerising sandstone work. The city hall hosts many of government functions and important ceremonies.

The massive building has 647 rooms and you can see them with the guided tours. Here, you can also enjoy the shopping and dining in surrounding places. You can also visit the nearby historic monument i.e. 14th-century’s St. Peter's Church with its 133-meter-high tower.

4. Ohlsdorf Cemetery

The Ohlsdorf cemetery isn’t just famous for its dramatic scenery but also for the graves of warriors and celebrities. The place is home to the twelve chapels, three museums and also the graves of soldiers from more than twenty nations.

Being largest rural cemetery in the world and the fourth-largest cemetery in the world, the place falls into the list of the most important tourist attractions. Having the pleasant garden along with the 17 kilometers of walkways , the place is also home to the memorial Bismarck Monument.

5. Great Lakes: Inner and Outer Alster

The Hamburg dairies have two another gems I.e. the Inner Alster and Outer Alster, which are two artificial lakes connected through the rivers Alster and the Elbe. Visit to the place owes you the picture perfect moments, introduction to historic avenues, delicious dining at the waterfront cafes and restaurants and the true shopaholic shopping fun.

The lakes are perfect for wandering around the city or relaxing at the beautiful gardens. Here you can also take part in the water sports or activities or simply enjoy the breathtaking views of the city through boat rides.

The Hamburg is the place of wonder and history. Here, you can explore the historical monuments or simply seat aside and wonder about nature. It’s time to be high on vacation in the Hamburg.