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Best Places to Visit in Denver

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Best Places to Visit in Denver

Denver is a remarkable city. Few cities of the world have so many things to do, see and participate in as Denver does. Whether you are a tourist or a localiite, it will be difficult for you to get bored in Denver. Nature, art, culture, history – the city seems to have it all.


The following are the 15 top attractions in Denver, CO which can make your visit more interesting:


1. Colorado State Capitol

The State Capitol represents the state government of Colorado in its majestic splendor. This is a must-watch building in itself, complete with all its legislative chambers, and also, it gives you a vantage point to see an unobstructed view of the entire city and the hills that engulf it. You get free tours of the entire place from 9 am to 3 pm. Given the popularity of the spot, you might have to book a slot well in advance to be able to see the building on your chosen day and hour.

2. Denver Mountain Parks

Denver Mountain Parks is a system of natural reserves, established in 1914, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. It extends over a whopping 14000 acres of space. The area, extending up to 60 miles out of city limits, is so huge that to see and enjoy the various attractions within the Parks, you would need many days at hand. The most visited spots of the reserve include Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Lookout Mountain and the grave of Buffalo Bill on top of it, Summit Lake and Winter Park Ski Resort. You can do an amazing variety of things here like hiking, biking, camping, mountain climbing and buffalo watching.

3. Cherry Creek Trail

If you want to experience nature without the discomfort of a hike on uneven surfaces, the Cherry Creek Trail is the best activity you could be doing in Denver. It’s a 40 mile long completely paved trail replete with nature’s beauty. You could also cycle through it. The deeper sections of the trail are particularly enticing and take you far away from the city’s rush.

4. Cherry Creek State Park

The Cherry Creek State Park lies on the Cherry Creek Trail. It’s a perfect place for an afternoon picnic. The park is vibrant with people on most summer days. You can sit here, walk, cycle, ride a horse and jog here with a pleasantest scenery around. The Cherry Creek Reservoir and Hobie Hill are two most popular spots within the park.

5. Molly Brown House

Titanic’s ‘unsinkable lady’, Molly Brown was from Denver and you can take a tour of her grand, well-preserved house. The wealthy heiress was also one of the leading feminists of her times and you can see here the snippets of her well lived life. Tours of the place are open between 10 am and 4 pm.

6. Byers-Evans House

If you love history and grandeur, you will love a visit to the Byers-Evans House. It was built in the 1880s for housing two of Denver’s founding families. Today, the house looks just like it used to back then owing to awesome preservation, has a museum and hosts many cultural events through the year. Check the calendar and schedule your visit to coincide with one of these events.

7. City Park

City Park gives you breathtaking views of Denver and the majestic mountains around. It is the perfect place for clicking some classic Denver moments. When the city meets the foothills, magic happens, and City Park lets you experience that magic to the hilt. The best time to visit is May and June when the Front Range gets some spectacular snowcaps while the city is still warm and green.

8. Jazz at Jacks

Jazz at Jacks is a live music club for spending a memorable evening in the city. The music is mesmerizing and the atmosphere perfect for letting your hair down. In addition to Jazz, the club also plays other genres like blues, funk, reggae and the classics. Combine all this with delectable bistro-style meals and the place sways you away with its sensory delights! You can also rent the place for a private event like a birthday, concert or corporate get-together. All in all, Jazz at Jacks is a must-visit to complete your Denver experience.

9. Cheesman Park

Cheesman Park originally used to be cemetery until the 1890s when it was converted into a park with immaculate lawns, groves and meadows. Owing to its original status and the fact that the buried bodies were moved from here to another location, the place abounds with numerous ghost stories. So if you love the smell of mystery and horror, do take a round of Cheesman Park – it is free to enter.

10. Denver Botanic Gardens

In the Cheesman Park neighborhood lies an absolute must-visit spot of Denver – the Denver Botanic Gardens. They have numerous attractions to entertain and educate you, like a conservatory, many themed gardens with countless flora species and an amphitheater hosting splendid concerts all summer. The gardens are divided broadly into three parts – the York Street, Mt. Goliath alpine wildflower gardens and the natural meadows and riparian areas of Chatfield Gardens. For families with children, the best part of the Gardens is doubtlessly the Mordecai Children’s Garden.

11. Weir Gulch Trail

If a variety of terrains and exquisite landscapes is what you seek for an exhilarating hike, Weir Gulch Trail will delight you. The trail goes along the South Platte River’s upstream path. On the way you come across a variety of landscapes to feat your eyes on, groves of riparian trees, some posh residential areas and even some industrial parks. With all this variety in settings, the Trail does not let you get bored of a long jog.

12. Colorado Symphony

The Colorado Symphony is the city’s famous symphony orchestra led by Andre Litton. Boettcher Concert Hall in the Denver Performing Arts Center hosts the Colorado Symphony. It is USA’s first 360 degree concert hall with a most spectacular design that ensures that no person is more than 85 feet away from the stage. The performances are deeply enthralling and give you a most memorable romantic evening in Denver.

13. Uptown Denver

Walk down the glamorous streets of Uptown that has the most magnificent of antique homes and storefronts. You will find rows of chic restaurants here, of which, few are affordable and easy on the pocket as well. Once you are done exploring the high-street and the eateries, you can easily walk over to City Park and the Civic Center Park from here.

14. Five Points

If you love your music and the icons of it, Five Points may be the Mecca for you. It is the place where Miles Davis, Billie Holiday and Duke Ellington once played. The place is replete with history and the Jazz culture that seeped in from very early days. The Victorian buildings of the area don’t fail to enchant either!

15. RiNo

River North, popularly known as RiNo is the city’s artsy heart. It is brimming with art studios and galleries. On the month’s first Friday, a lot of them open up to the public, and you get to see the finest pieces of art. In addition to the art, RiNo boasts an unmissable farm-to-table eatery, a locally owned distillery and a craft brewery.