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Best Places to Visit in San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Best Places to Visit in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Being named as the “Rich port city”, the San Juan is the capital of the Puerto Rico. The city is the also the second oldest European-established capital city in the America. As the city is UNESCO World Heritage Site, here you can explore the history and enjoy the soul-nourishing culture. The city is home to historic forts, colonial architecture, fine dining, museums and many other historical monuments. The city is also the largest home-based cruise port in the world and offers you the opportunity to count the shores and enjoy the rhythms of the music while lying on its soft sand beaches. The place also has travel-friendly weather and cheap rates. The shopping of the place fetches the attractions of the shopaholics.

Following are the top attractions of San Juan, Puerto Rico which will make your vacation more beautiful:

1. Old San Juan

Being the second oldest city in the America, the Old San Juan carries its own charm. The city seems like the graphical representation of the 500 years of the history. Here, you can see the huge influence of the culture over the architecture and cuisine. The city has also been known as the World Cultural Heritage Site, which can be seen through the historic forts and Spanish colonial architecture,square-block made up with more than 400 old building 16th- and 17th-century colonial buildings, shops, restaurants, museums, hotels, and through the other historical monuments. While wandering around the town you can have the glimpse of the rich culture or can enjoy the views.

2. Fuerte San Felipe del Morro

Located on the San Juan Bay, the place isn’t just holding dramatic views but also carries the peaceful music of the shores. Built in 1539, the fort took almost 250 years to be completed; the fort has mesmerizing architecture and interior. Known as the National Historic Site and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the fort has interesting layout including ramps, outposts, barracks, dungeons, and tunnels. Here, you can also explore the small circular boxes known as the garitas. The fort sings the glorious history of the city blended with shores of the sea.

3. Castillo de San Cristóbal

San Juan have plenty of the historic gem in its crown, here, you can see another historic monument. The Castillo de San Cristóbal also falls into the category of the largest Spanish forts. Being spread over 27 Acers, the castle has five independent units interlinked by moat and tunnel. Although the castle built as the part of defense strategy and for military functions, the architecture and structure of the same attract the visitors from all over the world. The fort seems to be the soldier standing on the seashore protecting the own country.

The massive building has 647 rooms and you can see them with the guided tours. Here, you can also enjoy the shopping and dining in surrounding places. You can also visit the nearby historic monument i.e. 14th-century’s St. Peter's Church with its 133-meter-high tower.

4. San Juan Cemetery

The San Juan owes one of the most beautiful cemeteries of the world which offers the different shades colors like of the blue water, colorful flowers, white burial sites and numerous sculptures representing the elegance of the art. Being located in the old San Juan, the cemetery is situated on the hillside of the sea. The San Juan Cemetery is famous for its tombstones; statues; and also for the circular, red-domed neoclassical chapel which is dedicated to Mary Magdalene. The place offers the peaceful environment and offers some stunning views of the ocean and towards El Morro.

5. Condado and Ocean Park Beach

The San Juan isn’t just a tale of history and culture; it also offers the beaches and sand to build your own tiny castles. Being the first tourist zone of the city around the year 1950, the Condado and Ocean Park Beach is a mini reflection of the famous Miami Beach. Here you can find out plenty of hotels and water activities including boating trips. The white sand beach and bluish water offer you the picture-perfect views. Another interesting place is also here, the Convention Center, which is home to shopping centers, theaters, restaurants, and space for festivals and exhibitions.

The San Juan is the place where you can hear the tales of the history while resting on the white soft sand. Here, you can see the rich culture with the tint of modernity. Enjoy the stunning vacation at the San Juan!