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Best Places to Visit in Dubai

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Best Places to Visit in Dubai

In last few years, the Dubai has developed itself as one of the best traveling spots. This glittering city has something for each age group. The Dubai has the stunning artificial archipelago of Palm islands, spectacular shopping places, ultramodern architecture, beautiful sandy beaches, each thing you need for an ideal vacation. The place has an essence of vintage with the modern era, you can explore the culture at Bastakia. While wandering through the town you can take the glimpse of breathtaking structural beauty like Burj Al Arab and end up your trip with adventurous desert safaris.


Here is the list of best tourist attractions to visit in Dubai.


1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa, the name that everyone knows! But viewing it is beyond the description. The world’s highest building, 830 meters long, is truly an architectural wonder. The observation decks are in the 124th and 148th place offering you the chance to gaze the ultramodern city. Visiting it during nighttime is like viewing the colorful drawing, created by the light scenes.

Being the attraction of the town, the place is the bit crowded, so booking your tickets in the advance is always a good idea. Visiting Burj Khalifa is just like reading the prologue of the Dubai’s traveling journey.

2. Burj Al Arab

Representing the modern Dubai, the Burj Al Arab is the world’s most luxurious hotel. This sail-shaped silhouette has the facilities to make you feel like the king! The stunning skyscraper not only have unique look but also the extraordinary services such as unforgettable welcomes, rides of the Rolls-Royce, helicopter trips, spectacular private beaches and bars, Sensational terrace pools and luscious dining facilities. Setting the superlative definitions of hospitality world, the hotel is built on the man-made island.

3. Palm Islands

Often called as the Eighth wonder of the world, palm islands are the world’s largest man-made islands. Basically, it’s the set of two islands named Palm Jumeirah and the Palm Jebel Ali, but only Palm Jumeirah is opened for visitors. The islands have residential properties some of which owned by the celebrities, restaurants, spas, shopping malls, theaters, sports place and diving sites. The vision of palm islands from any of skyscraper is the thing that you don’t want to miss!

4. Dubai Fountains

Well, it’s time to entertain the child inside you. The Dubai Fountains are the world’s largest musical fountains attracting the world. Its sets on the Burj Khalifa Lake and can be seen from many places, but the places such as Dubai Mall and Souk Al Bahar are the best to see the eye soothing scenery. The daily performances are done in evening (6 pm to 11 pm) and in afternoon (1 pm &1.30pm).No one wants to miss the unique sight where the water and light reflections are romancing on the most famous rhythms.

5. Jumeirah Beach

Being one of the most favorite beaches of the Dubai, the Jumeirah is the center of attraction of the visitors. The stunning white sandy beaches are not only for those who want to get tanned into the sun but also for those who are sports lovers, it offers many activities such as skiing, paragliding, surfing, jet skiing, swimming. There are many resorts and hotel surrounding the beach, which makes it one of the best staying places for the visitors. While resting on the beach you can also enjoy barbecue or scroll around the cafes or enjoy luscious food of the town.

6. Al Bastakia

Well, this village is the reflection of the old Dubai. The village was developed by the Persians merchants in the 19th century and preserved as a Conservation area. The place is famous for its architectural art and the wind towers which are used as the air conditioning facilities. While visiting the district, the places such as Majlis Gallery, a collection of the Arabian art and furniture and XVA Gallery, which represents the art collection are the must visit places.

7. Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek is the salt water creek which runs through the middle of the Dubai into two parts i.e. Deira and Bur Dubai. Being the oldest seaport and the business portal for world business, the place has played the crucial role in the economy of the Dubai. The Creek reflects the originality of Dubai, the old vintage glimpse, wooden sailing dhows and souks attract the tourists. The place has everything essential for vibrant nightlife and some fine hotels for the accommodation. The Dubai Creek is the place where you can explore the traditional Dubai while viewing the modern Dubai.

8. Dubai Museum

Being the Oldest building of the Dubai, the museum reflects the historical highlights of the Dubai. Being housed in the Al-Fahidi Fort, the museum is narrating the story of ancient time. The fort had been built with the coral blocks, lime, palm fronds, mud, and plaster, shows the architectural art of old times. It has been serving the ruler party and government for various purposes such as residence, prison, and garrison. The place is nourishing and representing the precious jewels of the history in the form of weaponry, musical instruments and traditional Emirati Lifestyle.

9. Dubai Marina

Being the center of rising of ultra-modern Dubai, it’s the Largest man made Marina. The district is yet to be developed, but viewing it fascinates the viewers. Being home to stunning skyscrapers and the Marina has become the newest attraction for the travelers. The place can be explored by walking; a romantic long walk is never out of fashion in Marina. The place has many waterfront hotels, restaurants, cafes and clubs to spend time. You can enjoy the boat rides in the Marina, to explore a city with fascinating waves of the sea.

10. Deira

Deira is located in the north of the Dubai Creek. Being the commercial center of the Dubai, the place represents the development of the Dubai. In response to being developed, the town has been divided into two parts, one of which represents the old traditional Dubai through the old Souks and other is the Dubai International Airport area which shows the modern Dubai. The place is home to fun, having numerous restaurants, cafes, the women’s museum, shopping malls, Spas to relax and heritage houses to see. The Deira is one of the must visit places in Dubai.

11. IMG Worlds of Adventure

Well, you want to add some adventure in your Trip, this the perfect place to visit. IMG Worlds of Adventure is not just the place for kids, even the adults can have fun at the world’s largest indoor theme park. The place has rides featuring the Avengers from marvels, power puff girls, dining at some finest restaurants such as Tony’s Skydeck, shopping, and movies to enjoy. Having the latest technology, the place has been divided into four sections namely Marvel area, Cartoon network area, lost valley dinosaur theme section and IMG Boulevard. It’s the perfect place to fulfill your dream to be an Avenger and rescue the day!

12. Dubai Aquarium

If you are in Dubai and you aren’t visiting the Dubai Aquarium, you are definitely missing the one of the best marine life experience of your life! The Dubai Aquarium is located within the Dubai malls and has the World’s one of the largest collection of sand sharks. Having the 10 million liter water tank makes it the world’s largest suspended Aquarium. The place is home to the 140 oceanic species, including Sharks and rays, sand tiger shark, piranhas, crocodiles, otters, and archerfish. The place also offers a lifetime memorable offer to an experience of scuba diving and a glass bottom boat tour.

13. Gold Souk

While visiting the glittering City, the Gold Souk is the must visit a place. Being the world’s largest gold market the place has a variety of metals such as silver, platinum, and diamonds. As the place is famous for the cheap rates of gold, often people visit the Dubai for purchasing the gold. If you are not interested in buying, still you have to visit the place to see the traditional markets of the Dubai and the thousands of varieties it provides in jewelry. While getting your favorite ornaments, make sure that it’s from the shops which are following government rules to avoid cases of forgery.

14. Pools of Hatta Rock

Just a few kilometers away from the city, the Hatta Heritage Village is located. The place is famous for the small trips. As the place is located in the Hajar Mountains, it creates the marvelous nature views with the cool and dry climate, the mountain scenery and crystal clear turquoise water. While exploring the historical Hatta village, you come across to soul soothing experience of nature. Swimming through the narrow rocky canyons and viewing the waterfalls scenery, is a refreshing experience of life.

15. Shopping Malls

Finally, Dubai is the place which took the shopping seriously! The Dubai has plenty of shopping malls which turn the shopping into royal experiences. The Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Burjuman Center, Deira city center and Jumeirah Plaza are some of the places where you can have the best shopping experience ever. The places are not just offering the pleasure of shopping but also let you experience adventures, to see the aquarium, to enjoy some sports. The clicks at the shopping malls of Dubai will add some glitters to your Instagram.

16. The Desert Conservation Reserve

The deserts have its language and beauty to be enjoyed. The Desert of Dubai also has some fine experiences to add in your journey. The Desert Conservation Reserve area is the first national park in the Dubai, which let you observe the nature closely. The desert is home to various species such as Barbary falcon, Lappet-faced vultures, and migrating Cuckoo. Apart from the varied wildlife, the place has some memorable experiences for you like camel trekking, dune drive, dining in the mood light and live Bedouin lifestyle.

17. Wild Wadi Water Park

The Wild Wadi water park is perfect to beat the heat of the Dubai. The place is one of the most popular family attractions in the Dubai. The water park is located in the Palm Jumeirah and facing the Burj Al Arab. Its theme is based on the famous Arabian folklore tales ‘the legend of Juha’, from the Sinbad the sailor. Well, the place is not just for the kids it also has some thrilling rides to take your breath away. The place is perfect to chill with family in the hot days.

18. Cruise

The one of the best way to enjoy Dubai is through the cruise rides. You can have the delish dinner at cruise with your friends and family while enjoying the views of the Dubai. You can enjoy the same at the Dubai Creek and spend few amazing hours at the dhow cruise and enjoy the mesmerizing night vision of the Dubai. Some Cruise provides music systems, iPods and has some fine light arrangements to make your trip good. Viewing the Dubai from the Coastline adds a whole new picture of Dubai in your Memories.

19. Desert Safaris

Desert Safaris in the Dubai is one of finest experience you can have in the Dubai. For those who loves the Adventure, it is the must do thing. The safaris offer many things such as dune drive, Camel trekking, sand boarding and enjoy most beautiful henna designs. You can enjoy the beautiful sunset and have succulent barbecue and Shisha. The Desert safaris will give you the precious memories to take back to home and to tell the thrilling stories to your friends.

20. Dubai Food Walk

The deserts have its language and beauty to be enjoyed. The Desert of Dubai also has some fine experiences to add in your journey. The Desert Conservation Reserve area is the first national park in the Dubai, which let you observe the nature closely. The desert is home to various species such as Barbary falcon, Lappet-faced vultures, and migrating Cuckoo. Apart from the varied wildlife, the place has some memorable experiences for you like camel trekking, dune drive, dining in the mood light and live Bedouin lifestyle.

The Dubai is the place which offers you the tremendous traveling experience of your life. The above are the just few places, the rest is to be explored by you.