What is Heritage (Historical) Tourism?

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History has been a dominant driver of tourist activity for the longest time. Traveling long distances to explore the mysteries and wonders of the past is no new concept – it has existed for centuries and continues to be a popular reason why people travel. Looking at the trends, one can say that history is never too old-fashioned to be cherished.

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What is Heritage tourism?

Historical or heritage tourism means traveling with the primary purpose of exploring the history and heritage of a place. It may mean simple sightseeing of renowned historical architecture, visiting local museums that document the past through artifacts, art, and literary remains, or even something as quaint as sampling authentic historical recipes in their place of origin.

People often combine their love of history with other tourist delights like shopping, amusement park visits, and luxurious resort stays. So places that have a rich heritage and have, at the same time, designed a fine tourist infrastructure to cater to all categories of tourists get rated the highest in terms of popularity as tourist destinations.

Take for an example Budapest – the city offers some marvelous delights including architectural grandeur and historical baths that take one back in time – and all this becomes all the more alluring when coupled with the fantastic nightlife, of which its trademark ruin pubs are a prominent part.

Countries Famous for Historical Tourism

The older a country, the more charm its long history holds. And this is true for visitors and locals alike. Countries like Egypt, India, Russia, Iraq, and several European capitals are the top choices when it comes to heritage tourism.

Colosseum, Rome
New-Jerusalem Monastery, Moscow

Be it the ancient temples of Southern India, the magnificence of 18th century Russia, myriad mysteries of Petra, jaw-dropping intricacies of the Hagia Sophia or a walk through living history in the Roman Forum, things of heritage everywhere have an unmatched charm.

Besides these popular choices, there are other countries of the world that may not be tourist hotspots but offer a delightful experience of culture and history. These include Guatemala for a close encounter with the ancient Mayan civilization, Mexico and some unexplored parts of Thailand like Sukhothai. For compulsive history lovers who want to go beyond the regular, these unexplored countries and cities are a treasure.

Giza Pyramid
Hatra, Iraq

Places that offer a substantial amount of history invariably top the charts of the world’s most visited countries. These places always have a story to tell – in addition to the amazing aesthetics they offer – and that’s what attracts people. If the same is accompanied by mind-blowing hotels, resorts, public transport facilities, and delectable cuisine, tourism becomes an active contributor to their economies year after year.

Image credit: Pixabay.com, Pxhere.com

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