Travel Industry

What is Sustainable Tourism?

People today are more conscious of the ecological, political, and economic challenges being faced by the world. They want to make an impact in improving the scenario by becoming more involved with the local communities. Sustainable travel is growing as a result and we will see a rise in this trend in 2019. Sustainable travel […]

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10+ Travel Trends to Tap Into in 2019

Travel is no longer about just going to a place, checking in to a touristy hotel, visiting all the ‘must-visit’ sites and buying souvenirs. There are so many new and extremely interesting dimensions to it now – and a perfect plan for each personality type! To put things into perspective, we have come up with […]

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11 Travel Trends to Watch in 2018

Being a traveler is new smart! While the traveling world has changed immensely, traveling is not just a stereotype vacationing, it wrapped around with the life-changing and challenging experiences. There are plenty of stories and tales telling you about how it leaves impacts on your life, but it’s time to be the storyteller. Here, few […]

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