Top 16 Biggest Travel Trends in 2023

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There was an official reopening of the world in 2023. The return to travel this year came after nearly two years of staying home – whether revisiting an old favorite or planning a big, bucket list trip well beyond our home turf. With our continued commitment to positively contributing to the places and people we visit in 2023, travelers will go one step further than ever before. With protecting our planet in mind, you’ll learn new, mind-bending wellness practices with benefits that last far beyond checkout.

What are the top travel trends in 2023?

Here are 16 travel trends likely to shape our perception of the world in 2023, ranging from psychedelic retreats to flat-pack hotels to electric road trips.

1. Dive Into Nature During Your Stay

Nature and the environment are increasingly being put at the forefront of the hotel and other accommodations. Increasingly, hotels are dedicated to preserving their surroundings’ natural features and offering activities for guests to explore the area, such as hiking and biking. Besides protecting the environment, hotels also strive to employ and train local employees to be more eco-friendly.

2. Take Your Long-Awaited (And Longer) Trip

Having put our travels on hold for a few years because of the vicissitudes of life, we haven’t been able to travel as much as we would like. Some have been compelled to take a longer, more meaningful trip to unique destination that has been on their minds for some time. Moreover, you want trips that serve a real purpose. For example, you might visit a major world landmark or have an immersion experience that gives you an intimate, first-hand view of the destination or culture.

3. See Where Popular Streaming Series Are Showcased in Real Life

Various small-screen productions have helped fuel wanderlust, including the tourist’s cinematography and outlander’s Scottish Highlands. Visitors are also encouraged to explore places they may not have been aware of before watching the show.

4. Include Your Family in The Fun

As we said above, travel still has the feeling of making up for lost time. Over the past two years, spending so much time apart from our loved ones has given many the itch to travel as a group. Thus, we’re seeing a preference for trips that connect different generations within a family or that feature many opportunities for making memories – such as immersing themselves in a new culture or setting up an outdoor challenge.

5. Traveling by Train

With immersive dining experiences, culinary tourism by train is on the rise. The incidents range from a four-star dinner train in the United States and the Glacier Express in Switzerland for a full-day immersion in food and wine to a week-long cuisine and culture European rail vacation that combines authentic gastronomic experiences such as cooking classes, market visits, and wine tastings with high-speed train travel connecting cultural centers.

6. Insta-Tourism

Are you aware that Instagram has become the new travel book? People will instead refer to first-hand photographs from those who have visited a particular destination rather than trust existing pictures of the destination to give you a clearer picture. Most people are referring to the believable and empirical nature of quick visits. For this reason, Instagram has become a must-have for traveling the world.

7. Environmental Travels

Traveling sustainably? These are the kinds of things that fall under this category. The concept of environment travel encompasses more than just nature exploration. It also suggests resorting to go-green strategies! The key is becoming more sensitive to nature, as tourism significantly impacts the natural world, and being more cautious when traveling. You should board trains, live in an eco-friendly home, eat vegan food, and avoid plastic. Traveling in a zero-waste and carbon-neutral manner while maintaining a balance with nature. The aftermath of Greta Thunberg!

8. Holidays with Spartans (Digital Detox)

Humanity has been overpowered by technology, right? By taking Spartan holidays, the informed population is breaking free of the digital bourgeoisie they have become children of. Traveling to destinations without access to technology combines minimalist living and digital freedom. It forces travelers to focus on their other lives instead of being enslaved by tech addictions.

9. Sleep Retreats (circadian travel)

With this trend, you can compensate for all the lost sleep due to commercial life and stress. Youth, in particular, are on the go constantly, so they’d rather sleep than have a vacation. There will be an increase in the number of sleep retreats already gaining acclaim, which is a way to rejuvenate the body and mind. You’ll want to keep an eye out for this one if you’re health-conscious!

10. Slow Travel

In slow travel, instead of trying to move from one location to another quickly, people will spend longer time in one place, discover more of the city/state’s landmarks and even venture out into the offbeat zones. Slow travel is more like a slowcation. Traveling slowly is more important than rushing and immersing oneself completely.

11. Fly light with a hybrid aircraft.

Flying hybrid isn’t just more eco-friendly and a more fun way to travel. In the same way that we’re changing our eating habits to become flexitarians and climatarians by substituting plant proteins for animal proteins, we’re also becoming flexi-air-ians. Trains are an eco-friendlier alternative to short-haul flights for exploring Europe. In addition to its flight-free excursions, the slow travel operator Byway makes an excellent case for flight-free travel. They plan multi-destination journeys on trains, buses, and boats to avoid planning and admin headaches. We also love how they organize everything into one user-friendly PDF, including all tickets and train tickets, and how they prefer small, locally-owned hotels.

12. The luxury yachts of the luxury hotel

There is great anticipation among loyal clients for the release of a new series of luxury yachts from the world’s most prestigious hotel brands. The dream has already become a reality with The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection’s Evrima, Spain’s most sophisticated and expensive civilian ship. According to Prothero, nine out of 10 of our guests have never been on a cruise before, which is a testament to the type of client we serve. Casinos aren’t allowed on board. Rather than spend all their time on board, the company wants guests to explore the region.

13. Discovering Hidden Gems

2023 will be the year people abandon popular and well-known destinations in favor of lesser-known ones. Compared to famous destinations, lesser-known spots are the most popular. Their social media accounts also featured unexplored gems.

14. Roam & Work

Good idea. It’s already being done by many. In the wake of the Pandemic, remote working became a common way for people to work from home without asking their boss for a vacation. This trend will surely boom in 2023 due to its convenience. An Internet connection and a laptop are all you need.

15. A greener future for tourism

It is well known that we are facing an environmental problem. Travelers now prefer being environmentally conscious. Travelers prefer ecologically friendly hotels. Further, they seek lodgings with environmentally friendly initiatives, like using reusable bags and installing green belts in their buildings. Tourists who care about the environment prefer electric vehicles.

16. Multi-country visits

A great way to maximize your vacation is to visit multiple countries. Travel is all the rage now that we know how quickly it can be taken away from us. Why not visit more than one country if you have already taken a week off? Because of its proximity to other countries and ease of travel by train, Europe is a perfect place.


Trends and styles in the travel industry have changed drastically, fitting into the changing fads worldwide. Adapting to these changes and growing with the changing travel generation is also our responsibility! How do you feel about these trends? Isn’t their appeal and viability greater than the old travel traditions? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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