What is Culinary Tourism?

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Culinary tourism, aka food tourism, is a new and vibrant category of specialized tourism where people go places in order to sample authentic cuisine and truly immerse in the experience of living in that place through the food. Quite often, this also includes local beverages, cheeses, chocolates, etc.

Dedicated Food Tours and Experiences

Popular among professional chefs, wine connoisseurs, and food enthusiasts, culinary tourism has witnessed an exponential rise in the past few decades. As a result, cities that are particularly known for their excellent food and beverages have begun to offer organized tours that take people to the best places to eat and drink. These tours may also include some sightseeing and other fun activities on the side. They take tourist groups to places that they may otherwise not have known about. Taking a food tour is, therefore, a great idea for those who wish to escape tourist traps and really enjoy an eating experience like a local. Besides, food tour groups also introduce like-minded individuals to one another who’re all there to get an unforgettable taste of the place.

Culinary Tourism Coupled with Cooking Lessons

Many enthusiasts take their love of food to a whole new level by combining food tourism with local cooking classes that let them take home some valuable recipes and cooking techniques. These may be offered by renowned cookery schools, within resorts to in-house guests and individual chefs who specialize in the local cuisine.

Countries Known for their Fantastic Offerings to Food Tourists

Even though all cultures of the world have a unique cuisine that identifies them, some are particularly famous around the world for their excellence of produce and cooking techniques. The top names in this regard are France, Italy, Thailand, Mexico, Greece, and Japan.
People enjoying food in Rome
Restaurant in France
Each of these places has a rich culture associated with food and boasts recipes that have existed for centuries. Moreover, they also incorporate recent changes and fusion cuisine which further adds to the experience of traveling for the sake of some merry eating. While cuisine reigns supreme, numerous tourists travel far and wide to taste the best liquors from around the world. This may include delicate French wines, whiskey from the Scottish highlands, Japanese sake, and dramatic Port wine enjoyed right in the heart of its vineyards.
Whiskey from the Scottish highlands
Photo By Bessi at Pixabay

Delicate French wine
Culinary tourism is a tailor fit for those who love travel as well as food. It beautifully combines gastronomical delights with culture, legends, and amazing sights to create an immersive experience. It’s no wonder that more and more tourists are developing a taste for it and going around the world in a quest for divine food and drink. Image credit: Pixabay.com, Pxhere.com

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