11 Travel Trends to Watch in 2018

By eTravel Team

Being a traveler is new smart! While the traveling world has changed immensely, traveling is not just a stereotype vacationing, it wrapped around with the life-changing and challenging experiences. There are plenty of stories and tales telling you about how it leaves impacts on your life, but it’s time to be the storyteller.

Here, few sparkling trends of the new traveling era which will lead you to choose your favorite traveling way.

1. Emerging Destinations

No matter what’s the reason for traveling, you always have a question in mind, ‘which places are making the new marks?’.  So the world has plenty of places just for you, to explore, the unseen views and unwind u-turns are there to be part of the journey. Your traveling destination can be any, the new sports event or any newly found island or the old place which hold the charm for you.

Each traveling trend sets the story and perfect trip for you, but be your own planer and you may find own traveling trend. Keep traveling and be trendy!

2. "Bleisure" Boom: Business + Leisure

When the business accompanied by the traveling, work becomes fun. When the corporate world is giving importance to the work-life balance and also offering the working vacations or vacations as the part of the employee benefits, the concept of the Bleisure. These trips allow employees to extend their stay and enjoy the family time. The Bleisure boom is representative of the better corporate world.

3. Transformational Travel

Everyone wants that their travel story does have the transforming sparks. Now the traveling is just not about visiting the new country, it’s about visiting the whole new you. The transformational traveling is about the makeover of you, challenging your comfort zone, boosting up the confidence, changing the perceptions of you, letting the world know the real and unpredictable you, opening the arms and welcoming the life! Each traveler has different traveling needs, this trend fulfills it.  Let the other cultures and cuisines do the spell of magic on you.

This travel trend is being the trendy you.

4. Cruises for Millennials

When you think about cruises, you might end up thinking some oldies with gray hairs are tossing the wines and all the formalities are fine. But the game has changed; the industry is successfully attracting the youngsters, the millennials. The new cruises are filled with luxuries amenities, thousands of adventures, various activities, and fun. The cruises are perfect for the new generation to add the swag in your social media.

5. River Cruising

In the world of ocean cruising, the River Cruising is slowly making its own symbol. River cruising just letting yourself breath free, let be the wind enough mischievous to play with your hairs and let your soul enjoy the music of river. It’s not just about the rivers; this will introduce you with the wonderful era of beauty and allow you to explore the few traveling highlights and world heritage sights. Apart from this, the industry is also famous for wonderful hospitality and luxurious ships. Let the river chase your traveling dreams!

6. Live Like Local

When you are in roam live like Romans, the old wisdom pushes the traveler’s interest of the travelers in exploring the locality of the regions. The world has thousands of languages, numerous cultures and infinite colors of life, and you can be part of these only by the traveling. Being local, you can learn about the whole communities, values, festivals, traditions, and arts. Live like local and make the world your home!

7. Foodie City Break

This trend sounds like the aroma of freshly baked cookies! for the foodies it’s perfect to visit the food heavens, so the traveling for food visits are basically blessings. Apart from slurping the various tastes, the journeys will allow you to be the part of different celebrations, food festivals, the artistic presentation of the food just like petals of flowers during the autumn,  and the most important one the cultural influence of various regions on any cuisine. Food is not just a well-cooked plate; it’s the love of generations and representation of the traditions.

8. Mind, Body and Soul Trips

Everyone needs an escape, the escape from the daily chaos and just to step out so that they can pamper their souls. To distress yourself and re-energize you, these trips are the must. There are various spa and therapies, yoga trips, the spiritual visits and plenty of other things, which make the perfect escape for you. Let your soul hear the melodies of your heart, find the peace within you and be at ease with you.  Be traveler to find the new you!

9. Extreme Trips

Being humans, we crave for the extremes, so as in the travels. This traveling trend makes sure that your eyes are just popped out with surprise and heart starts dancing with joy. The places like Cuba, Antarctica, Venice, Costa Rica and Grand crayon, which is least explored but best to experience. The extreme trips make sure that epic adventures and the amazing traveling stories are on your part. Let the adventure begin.

10. Volunteer Vacations

The world needs to be pampered!  Volunteerism vacation is the new concept which also helps in serving the world. When the unfortunate event happens like hurricanes or the earthquakes, the good souls walk an extra mile to help the victims of pain. As the wisdom says, the world needs more humanity, the graph of the volunteer vacations is constantly raising. Let’s travel to fade away the pain and make a world better.

11. Walking Holidays

Just like the beautiful poetry line “I wandered lonely as a cloud “few travelers love to wander in the world. The walking vacations are perfect for the travelers who are fit and enjoy the walking. The travel trend introduces you with the small streets of the villages, hiking on the beautiful green sites, walking through the tropical forest path or leaving the footprints of you on any sandy beach. This all doesn't just have the immense joy but also attach you to the intimate perspective of the joineries and world.

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