15 Interesting Family Vacation Ideas for a Trip with Kids

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Going on a vacation or trip with your children can be exciting both for parents and the child. While planning a trip keep in mind that the objective of planning trips is to spend quality time with your kids while exposing them to the world under your guidance. During your trip don't try to be preachy, be your child's friend and be involved with them. You will have as much fun as they have. Also, trips with kids need not be expensive. While being innovative with your plan, you can teach your kids that true happiness lies in exploring life and in being together with the family. Here are some interesting vacation ideas for trips that the entire family can enjoy at a minimal cost.

1. A Fun Weekend Picnic Trip

family weekend trip

If your schedules are tight and you don’t want to wait for summer vacation to head out on a trip with your kids, you can plan a weekend getaway which is just as fun. Scan your city and find out good picnic spots and fun playgrounds and parks where you can spend the day at. You can get your much needed doze of vitamin D, indulge in good old games and simply enjoy the beauty of the surroundings while here.

2. Head out to the Beach

family enjoying on a beach

The sun, sea and sand against the calming sound of the waves are enough to put you as well as your kids in a trance. You and your kids can participate in water activities such as snorkeling and boat riding or simply have fun splashing around in the water or visit nearby beach with your dog or any other pets. Your children surely won’t get bored as there are plenty of things to do at the beach.  

3. Go on a Cruise

family on a cruise boat

Now, this doesn’t have to be a lavish adventure where you spend many days and nights on a cruise while exploring new places although if you want it to be a vacation of this kind, by all means go ahead. On the other hand, you can simply take your family on a cruise boat that promises you a fun ride for certain duration of time too. Do whatever you want, whichever situation floats your boat and as long as the children are not whining about it.

4. Enjoy at an Amusement Park

kids enjoying rides

Amusement and theme parks promise unadulterated pleasure for grown-ups and children alike. You can revel in the fun rides, laugh at the costume characters together and simply spend time together as a family in the most wonderful of ways. Kids have access to a plethora of fun activities so you do not have to worry about them getting bored or irritated in any way.  

5. Set out on a Road Trip

family on a read trip

There is nothing better and more affordable when it comes to showing your kids the sights and sounds of your city than by going on a road trip. Be sure to take food, drink, toys and must-have goodies for the kids as well as all other required items.

6. Go on a Hike

children enjoying outdoor games

Make your kids disconnect from gadgets and take them on a hike or any other outdoor event. Browse or search for the best hikes available. Be sure to choose a hike that comes with an intensity that is not too difficult and high. Also be aware of altitude sickness which is a common occurrence in children.  

7. Spend Time at Pilgrim Places

funny kid in a church

There is no better way to make your child aware about the various beliefs that exist than by heading to a pilgrim place. A spiritual tour or even going to a religious place for a day helps you connect and stay in tune with your religious side. It also helps to affirm attitudes and forms an overall outlook for your kids.

8. Visit the Museum

family in a museum

Nothing compares to witnessing the rich history of your country than by experiencing it all first hand. If your kids find this place to be boring, let them know about fun facts and what they can get to witness once they reach it. Your little ones are sure to be fascinated and taken aback by the rich heritage or at least the animals and other creatures that are kept on display here.  

9. Head to a Wildlife Sanctuary

playing with panda

You can even visit wildlife sanctuaries or zoos and unearth many species of fauna as well as flora that you have never seen before. Children are always fascinated by animals, whether it is big ferocious ones or cute and cuddly ones. You can find all sorts of animals at a wildlife sanctuary that is guaranteed to make your child’s day.

10. Watch a Movie Together

family enjoying movie together

Your children are bound to love heading to a multiplex and munching on popcorn while they experience stories unravel on the big screen. There are many animated movies that capture the interest of adults and children alike. All you have to do is book your tickets beforehand and you are good to go.  

11. Do Some Volunteer Work

mom teaches valunteering work

Kids need to be sensitized to people from different walks of life, regardless of their socio and economic background, from an early age. Combining volunteer work in your vacation plan is a great way to make children aware as well as cultivate the attributes of caring and sharing.

12. Plan a Day at the Mall

family visit to mall

You can actually spend a day at the mall doing absolutely nothing in particular. Going to the mall does not mean you have to spend extravagantly. Simply take in the sights, check out items, head to the game zone or enjoy a good meal together.  

13. Check out Art Museums

kids at art museum

If your child has a fondness for painting or is artistic in nature, you can plan and head to an art gallery or museum. The paintings on display, sculptures and other ancient items are sure to pick the fancy of your children as well as yourself.

14. Explore a Botanical Garden

enjoying at botanical garden

This idea may seem dull at first, especially for kids but if you give it a try you are sure to enjoy the various flowers, plants and trees that surround the place. You can get an idea of how plants are studied and get acquainted with nature, by experiencing it all firsthand.  

15. Head to a Spring or River

beautiful river

If you are having second thoughts about the beach or do not have one in your city or state, you can always explore a good river or spring that is comparatively less crowded and gives you a much more scenic ambiance. You can cool yourself off in the water and spend an entire day in this serene atmosphere as you lose your senses to the environment. There are tons of things to do with your kids when on vacation. Some of these ideas do not even cost that much. After all, the entire point of a vacation with the family is having a good time. Just remember to pack your essentials, carry a backpack and have things at hand that can keep them busy in between the fun activities. Main Image Credit- Pexels.com Gif Image credit- Giphy.com  

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