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Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL

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Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL

Theme parks, water parks, fairy tale simulations, castles, gold courses and even a wedding pavilion, all with a charming spell to them – is it a surprise that visiting the Walt Disney World is a dream to many? The miraculous resort property is enough to keep you entertained for days at end making you want to never leave. It spans a huge area of 110 square km in Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista in Florida, and there is some or the other delightful magic happening in every corner!

Your Odyssey begins right at the Airport

The most enthralling trip of a lifetime begins right at the Orlando airport where the Disney Magical Express awaits to take you to your resort. You don’t even have to bother about moving your baggage by yourself, the resort facilitates for a baggage pickup right from the airport and a drop off straight to your accommodation. And the same process goes when it's time for you to take a flight back home – the resort picks up your luggage and checks it in for you all the way to your final destination. To make the experience even pleasanter, they even print your boarding passes for you, so you can enjoy a smoothest transit through the airport.

Disney World Gate

Stay in your Favorite Theme Resort

There are 34 awesome resorts in Walt Disney World. Each of them has a specific theme to it that lets you have an immersive experience of whatever you choose to be in. A metropolis at the turn of the 20th century, an African wildlife safari, a vineyard, a beach village or 20th century American pop culture – it’s all in the resort themes. You can even go camping in the Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground with all the joys of natural living along with the comforts and safety of being within the premises of a well-maintained property.

The Phenomenal Disney Blizzard Beach and other Water Parks

The Disney Blizzard Beach is the third most visited water park in the world – and what it offers to people of all ages completely justifies every bit of its popularity. From the gentlest of slides to racing slides, the park has it all. For when you want to take a few moments off the adrenaline rush of the amusements, there are numerous restaurants serving delectable food and drink, and many shops selling authentic souvenirs that stay with you for life.

Disney LandPhoto by betinasuarez at Pixabay

Uniquely styled Golf Courses to keep Everyone Engrossed

The property has three 18-hole courses that promise a day full of fun for all golf lovers vacationing in Walt Disney World. In addition, there is a nine-hole walking golf course, which means no electric carts are allowed in it, making it perfect for young golfers. If your kids have already fallen in love with this rather charming sport, they are going to have a stellar time enjoying a game of golf with other budding golfers.

To make things even more fun, there is the Fantasia Garden course in Walt Disney World. Based on 'Fantasia' movies, Garden course is adorned with musical holes, movie characters and picturesque water fountains and is surely going to give you an incredibly fantastic experience.

Get a Literal Fairy Tale Wedding in a Land of Many Wonders

If your wedding day is a fancy you have fondly envisioned ever since you were a little girl, Walt Disney World will not only realize it for you, but might as well make it even better than you could ever dream of. Disney’s Wedding Pavilion hosts weddings through the year, in many slots of the day. The three built-in cameras at the Wedding Pavilion ensure that none of your most precious moments go uncaptured. So get your dress stitched to match that of a Disney Princess and dress your prince up to look like the perfect Knight on his wedding day and say your happily-ever-after vows in the middle of a fairyland!