5 The Best White Water Rafting Destinations In The World

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For adventure travelers, white water rafting is often an exclusive experience that takes them to some of the most breathtakingly beautiful destinations as well as lets them explore life on the edge. As a widely popular adventure sport, white water rafting is known to give quite an adrenaline rush to these adventure seekers who cascade down turbulent rivers in their helmets and life vests while challenging the waters each time they bounce up.

Here are 5 of the most loved destinations across the world to experience white water rafting at its best.

List of 5 Best White Water Rafting Destinations

1. Colorado River
2. Zambezi River
3. Chilko River
4. Futaleufu River
5. Middle Fork

Pin- 5 Best White Water Rafting Destinations

1. Colorado River, Grand Canyon, Arizona

Colorado River, Grand Canyon, Arizona

When it is about white water rafting, the first destination that will receive the most attention is the Colorado River. The Grand Canyon rafting trip is a popular tourist attraction and is a must-try for all adventure lovers. The Colorado River stretches over 277 miles with a stretch that passes through the iconic Grand Canyon. An adventure trip to this destination also includes miles of hiking trails and campsite locations apart from battling the powerful rapids of the gorgeous river.

2. Zambezi River, Victoria Falls, Zambia

Zambezi River, Victoria Falls, Zambia

The Zambezi River is an ideal white water rafting destination for the experienced rafters looking for great adventure. With almost half of the rapids along the river graded as Class IV, the dramatic drops and massive swells of the rivers are just perfect for a thrilling adventure that can only be believed when experienced. Most travelers also get lucky here by spotting some hippopotamuses and crocodiles.

3. Chilko River, British Columbia

Chilko River, British Columbia

The 47-mile long Chilko River is another very popular white water rafting destination that is known for its seemingly never-ending string of Class IV rapids. With spectacular scenery for your company, this fast and furious river is synonymous with great fun. The rafters get an opportunity to camp at stunningly beautiful campsites along the way as they enjoy rating at its best.

4. Futaleufu River, Chile

Futaleufu River, Chile

The Futaleufu River in Patagonia, South Chile, offers a wonderful way to explore the beauty of nature with its white water rafting experience. The Andes Mountains in the backdrop add to the aura of the river, the deep blue waters of which are just as dramatic. The river keeps the adventure level high with its Class III-IV rapids all along the way.

5. Middle Fork, Salmon River, USA

Middle Fork, Salmon River, USA

The Salmon River of Idaho is yet another destination famous for fantastic white water rafting opportunities. With spectacular snow capped mountain scenery as backdrop and granite canyons with amazingly thick forests lining the banks of the river, rafting down the Salmon River is an experience of a lifetime. Known to be a classic destination for rafting, the Middle Fork stretch has rapids that reach as high as Class IV.

As white water rafting is increasingly becoming popular, a large number of adventure tourists are trying different places and challenging themselves across different turbulent rapids. The above given are some of the best destinations to experience this adventure sport when traveling with your bunch of adventure-loving travel buddies.

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