Avoid these common travelling mistakes for peaceful journey!

By Serena Ruiz
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Travelling gives you a lot of fun and especially when you are accompanied by your special some ones. But, if you are travelling, plan ahead and don’t ignore the important details. Below are few travel mistakes that you should avoid.

Your passport is expired

There are many travelers who are not aware about their passport expiry date until they are rejected at the airport check-in counter. This can be really troublesome if you aren’t paying attention. Thus, before booking any international flight, assure to have a valid passport that is not about to expire. You need to keep a track record of the passport expiry date and renew it beforehand so that you don’t have to face any kind of trouble at the last minute.

If it sounds too good to be true

You might know the saying, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You should always be careful in trusting promos that seem to goo to be true. You will get many fake links in your mails or social networking sites but try to avoid them and contact only genuine companies. Few ads lure people by giving exciting discounts on the first page but they don’t mention about the heavy tax rates, hidden fees or other problems. Thus, if you have any doubt that the offer is false, take your time and do your research before grabbing the deal.

You arrive at the wrong airport

Most large cities have more than one airport. Thus, before you reach your destination, make sure that you have chosen the right airport and terminal to avoid missing your flight. Travelers have connecting flights and if they fail to board on the flight, their entire schedule will be disturbed and they might face many troubles. Thus, it’s vital to study the location of the airport and the directions before going to the airport. You can get the detail layout from the airport and navigate easily. Travelers should ask the customer care representative before proceeding to the terminal, they are always ready to help.

You don’t plan your budget

Travelling doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s important to plan your budget and include airfare, hotel accommodations, food, and anything else to be prepared. Before planning your trip, you need to check on the exchange rates, meal costs, attraction entrance fees and transportation options. You can get a day city pass which is more economical compared to purchasing tickets at every entrance. Thus, make sure to plan all these expense before your travel.

You pack more than needed

It’s important to pack smart. Leave unnecessary things behind and only bring the essential items that are required for the trip. You also need to avoid taking hair dryers and other basic toiletries as they are provided at most of the hotels. Before leaving, you should plan out your activities so you can pack efficiently and have everything you need for a comfortable journey.

Booking last minute

It’s better to book early while travelling. Normally the flights becomes more expensive when waiting till the last minute. Budget airlines increase their flight rates very often and thus you need to book your flight early to save money. Plan your travel early and take advantage of the early booking promos.

You don’t have the proper documents

The immigration officers might ask for documents like the return tickets, passport and hotel booking details. Thus, you need to keep all the travel documents with you to avoid any kind of chaos. If anything goes wrong, this document will help you in moving back to your country. You also need to keep photo copies of all the important documents to avoid any problems later on.

Ignoring customer feedback and hotel reviews

Travelers normally read the reviews before they book the hotel. If the hotel has shabby rooms and the review has warned you of a disappointing experience, you should consider this point before you book that particular hotel. Many hotels lure customers by free pick-up service for airport transfer but they don’t mention that the traveler has to stand in a long queue to get picked up and thus waste their precious time. Before booking any hotel, travelers should make a point to read the reviews and customer feedback. This may give them the idea regarding the hotel and its services.

You only depend on group tours and packages

Relying on the group tours and packages have many benefits but they are expensive and you don’t have the flexibility to choose your own destination and explore them. When you are on a trip, exploring the foreign land is very exciting and it’s the part of the adventure. Thus, if you are an adventurer and want to explore various things, don’t only depend on the group tours and packages. Instead, you should get plan your own day of exploring. Be sure to do your research first.

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