10 Awesome Places in the World You May Have Not Have Visited Yet

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There are numerous landmarks across the world, but some stand out because of their brilliant architecture, captivating looks or innovativeness. Here are 10 landmarks across the world that should be top on your to-do list. These amazing landmarks are enthralling, fascinating and above all, must-visit sights. 6. Arcelor Mittal Orbit (London, United Kingdom)

List of 10 Incredible Landmarks in the World

1. LeMay-America's Car Museum (Tacoma, Washington, USA)
2. SkyPoint Climb and Observatory Deck (Gold Coast, Australia)
3. National Museum of Organized Crime & Law Enforcement (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)
4. Tokyo Sky Tree (Tokyo, Japan)
5. Brooklyn Bridge Park Pool (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
7. Sea Life Aquarium (Place Kansas City Missouri, USA)
8. Kamppi Chapel of Silence (Helsinki, Finland)
9. The Arch Cultural Center (Mandal, Norway)
10. Aizhai Suspension Bridge (Hunan Province, China)

1. LeMay-America's Car Museum


Place: Tacoma, Washington, USA

LeMay-America's Car Museum, Washington, USA Washington is one of the most beautiful states in the United States of America. There are several interesting places you can visit here which are popular. But there is one place which you never heard of and it is LeMay-America's Car Museum. Built by the famous multi-millionaire Harold Lemay, this place has got the largest collection of cars. Though the founder died in 2000, the museum which was his dream opened in 2012. It already entered the Guinness Book of World Records for its vast collection. There are more than 700 special cars on display here. The collection also includes trucks and various motorcycles. The kind of models you will find here are Ford Thunderbird (1969 Model), a Duesenberg 1930 model, Studebaker (1951) and so on. Spread over a vast area of three and a half acres, the exhibition is interesting and worth a visit.  

The museum is located at 2702 East D. St and you can call them at 253/779-8490. Also visit lemaymuseum.org for more information about the charges.


2. SkyPoint Climb and Observatory Deck


Place: Gold Coast, Australia

SkyPoint Climb and Observatory Deck, Australia People mostly go to Gold Coast for its pristine beaches and coral reeves. But have you ever heard of SkyPoint Climb and Observatory Deck? It is perhaps one of the highest points in Gold Coast. The climb is located on the 77th floor of the Q1 resort. The view from the top is amazing as you will be staring at the turquoise blue sea. You can also view the vast expanse of greenery located 30 miles away from the coast. If you love surfing, this is the best place to get an uninterrupted view.  

Visit skypoint.com.au for more information.


3. National Museum of Organized Crime & Law Enforcement


Place: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

National Museum of Organized Crime & Law Enforcement, Nevada, USA There are a lot more places to see in Nevada other than the casinos. One such place is National Museum of Organized Crime & Law Enforcement. It may not sound interesting by the name. However, the place is very interesting with live displays and several stories. We watch movies like Godfather and read stories of Al Capone, but imagining living it through is a simulation. The life of the mobster Tony Soprano is unraveled here. It is an interesting day trip. Other than the museum, there are shopping arcades and much more.  

Visit themobmuseum.org for more information.


4. Tokyo Sky Tree


Place: Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Sky Tree, Japan
Tokyo is a modern city but with a rich heritage and culture. The land of geisha’s has much more than you can see. Tokyo is known for the world’s best architectural achievements and one such place is the Tokyo Sky Tree. It is a landmark and perhaps the tallest steel tower. It survived the major earthquake in 2011. Ever since, it has attracted millions of visitors worldwide.  

Get more information from tokyo-skytree.jp/en.


5. Brooklyn Bridge Park Pool


Place: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Brooklyn Bridge Park Pool, New York, USA Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most famous structures in New York and is 129 years old. Overlooking the East River is this magnificent structure and also the Brooklyn Bridge Park Pool. It is a public pool but one of the cleanest ones. It is open mostly in summers and people who visit this place vouch that it is the most unforgettable experience. There is a carousel and an amazing park with rolling grass lawns around. The sunset views from the park are picturesque.  

To view the park, visit brooklynbridgepark.org.


6. Arcelor Mittal Orbit


Place: London, United Kingdom

Arcelor Mittal Orbit, London, United Kingdom The queen’s land is more interesting than you can imagine. Dedicated to the popular businessman Arcelor Mittal, the Arcelor Mittal Orbit is a monument and an epitome of architecture. This is the highest sculpture in entire Britain and even beats the Statue of Liberty. It also overlooks the Olympic Village. It has got an observatory deck which is very famous.  

To know more about this unique attraction, visit arcelormittalorbit.com


7. Sea Life Aquarium


Place Kansas City Missouri, USA

Sea Life Aquarium, Kansas City Missouri, USA The Sea Life Aquarium of Kansas City is considered to be one of the largest akin to SeaWorld in California. It is a great place for kids. There are more than 5000 species of sea life here to explore. You can also get a real life experience of being in the coral reeves through a simulation. You get to swim in the tank which houses the most exotic fish, including manta rays and sting rays. It is a safe environment and worth a visit. It is located at 2475 Grand Blvd.  

Visit visitsealife.com/Kansas-city for more information on the aquarium.


8. Kamppi Chapel of Silence


Place: Helsinki, Finland

Kamppi Chapel of Silence, Finland Finland, the land of longest days and nights and the world’s end is a place of pristine beauty. The Kamppi Chapel of Silence is located at the Narinkka Square in Helsinki. It is a chapel but not functional at the moment. However, it is still considered as a place for silence and to reflect on your thoughts and inner self. There are many church pews to sit and reflect on your life. There is also a hidden room for your confessions. It is regarded as one of the most peaceful places. Rent a bicycle and explore the city while you reach here.  

You can get more information about the Chapel by visiting visitsealife.com/Kansas-city


9. The Arch Cultural Center


Place: Mandal, Norway

The Arch Cultural Center, Norway Art is smart. Visit ‘The Arch Cultural Center of Mandal’, which is a huge complex for performing arts and more. The building itself is an architectural masterpiece. At the same time, it has been constructed in an eco friendly way. Overlooking the Mandal River, this magnificent structure houses great entertainment for visitors. There is also a suspension bridge underway which links the river and the art center and the mid town.  

For more information, visit buen.mandal.net.


10. Aizhai Suspension Bridge


Place: Hunan Province, China

Aizhai Suspension Bridge, China Aizhai Suspension Bridge is pronounced “ai jai”. Get your pronunciation right in China or you will be totally lost. It is one of the longest suspension bridges and that passes through a tunnel! Spanning 1,176 meters, this suspension bridge has the honor of being the highest and longest tunnel-to-tunnel bridge in the world. When you walk over the bridge you will see the most exotic views and dramatically changing landscapes. The valley beneath is nothing short of heaven or the Garden of Eden. But to visit heaven you need to die and who wants to. So might as well walk over and get a bird’s eye view. This attraction is open through day and night. The nights change dramatically with thousands of lights strategically placed to appease your viewing fantasies. An additional attraction is the waterfalls. Be there to experience it. Image credits: wikipedia, pixabay, flickr, pxhere

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