Where to Go on Honeymoon: Month-by-Month Best Destinations

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Whenever you choose to get married, there is an ideal honeymoon destination waiting to welcome you into your new, fabulous life as a couple. Each month has something unique to offer to everybody. As warm as you like it to be or as snowy as you prefer, you will have your best-fit destination in any and every month of the year. Here is a month-by-month guide to the best honeymoon destinations for newly-married couples.

Recommended Best Honeymoon Destinations

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil- January
2. Legazpi City, Philippines- February
3. Bioluminiscent Beach, Maldives- March
4. Tangier, Morocco- April
5. Granada, Spain- May
6. Ystad, Sweden- June
7. Mykonos islands, Greece- July
8. Dubrovnik, Croatia- August
9. Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Japan- September
10. Limpopo, South Africa- October
11. Goa, India- Novemeber
12. Cannes, France- December

1. January

If you want a warm honeymoon in January, go to the South and you shall have all the sunshine you seek. You can go to the exotic countries of South America like Mexico, Costa Rica and Brazil. These places will give you the culture fix alongside beautiful beaches, dance parties and amazing weather. You can also choose to vacation in Australia. Try booking a little early and celebrate New Year the Aussie way in one of the big cities. Asian destinations like Thailand, Hong Kong and South India are also a big hit among honeymooners and vacationers in January. Our suggested destination- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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2. February

Philippines, North India and Burma are splendid in February. If you want to explore South America, Buenos Aires will amaze you with all its colors and sunshine. And in case you want to cozy up with your partner in the romance capital of the world, Paris in February will make for an absolutely memorable honeymoon. Our suggested destination- Legazpi City, Philippines Legazpi City, Philippines
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3. March

March is the perfect time to head to the exotic islands of Maldives. Other great destinations to visit in March would be Patagonia in Argentina, Cuba, New York and Florida. All of these places will afford you warm and dry weather. If you prefer it slightly cooler, head to Italy for a pleasant yet not overcrowded vacation. Our suggested destination- Bioluminescent Beach, Maldives Bioluminescent Beach, Maldives

4. April

Definitely put Amsterdam at the top of your list for a honeymoon in April, for, it’s Tulip season there in April. Walking through huge, blossoming tulip fields will be an incredibly romantic experience. You can also look at East European countries like Malta, Crete and the Balearic Islands. One truly stunning place to go to could be Morocco – the weather in April will be perfect, the landscape splendid and the streets as vibrant as ever, with fewer tourists than there would be in the peak summer months. Our suggested destination- Tangier, Morocco Tangier, Morocco

5. May

The three week long Prague Spring Music Festival is a must-attend in May. In addition to some electrifying band performances, you will also get to witness the city’s trees and flowers in full bloom adding even more charm to its exquisite architecture. Croatia, Portugal, Spain and Hungary will also be excellent choices for a honeymoon in May. Our suggested destination- Granada, Spain Granada, Spain
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6. June

It’s Europe all the way for the month of June. Go far up north without risking too many cold and grey days. Ireland, Norway, Finland and Sweden will all be at the peak of their attractiveness with endless days of bright sunlight. Besides Europe, Canada will also be an awesome choice especially because of the Montreal Film and International Jazz Festivals. Our suggested destination- Ystad, Sweden Ystad, Sweden
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7. July

Europe still remains a numero uno choice for lovebirds with its warm, dry days – but beware of higher prices and throngs of tourists in every place. Some amazing South American destinations for honeymoon would be Peru and Bolivia. Indonesia is exceptionally beautiful at this time of the year, too. Our suggested destination- Mykonos islands, Greece Mykonos islands, Greece
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8. August

If the idea of surreal musical performances in the middle of ancient architecture thrills you, Croatia is the place to be in August. If you are looking for an adventurous honeymoon, Tibet offers some great hiking trails and the weather would be conducive to hikes in August. Our suggested destination- Dubrovnik, Croatia Dubrovnik, Croatia

9. September

Many African countries are warm, dry and incredibly charming in September. Zimbabwe, Namibia and North African countries in general promise a great time for honeymoon tourists in September. If the East is calling out to you, Japan and China will make for good choices at this time of the year. Our suggested destination- Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Japan Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Japan

10. October

South Africa is at its best in October. If a trip to Madagascar has long been on your bucket list, take the opportunity to make it your honeymoon trip. Japan, once again will be a delight. India, both north and south, would make for a remarkable honeymoon with pleasant weather, festivities and a huge variety of destinations to choose from. Our suggested destination- Madagascar, South Africa Madagascar, South Africa
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11. November

In November you are spoilt for choice with numerous places around the world getting inviting weather. South America, Oceania, Asia, India, Africa – each of these have something exquisite to offer to the November honeymooner. So whether you want to relax in the tropics or you want a history and culture filled vacation, you can have it all in this month. Our suggested destination- Goa, India Goa, India

12. December

Have a Christmasy honeymoon in December in a skiing resort in the Swiss Alps, or the Pyrenees in Spain and France. If you haven’t witnessed it yet, a New York Christmas will be a fabulous event to make a part of your honeymoon. If a warm Christmas is what you look forward to, head to Australia or New Zealand. Our suggested destination- Cannes, France Cannes, France
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