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Sustainable Travel

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Sustainable Travel

What is sustainable travel?

The definition given by the World Tourism Organization is like “Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment, and host communities is known as Sustainable tourism.”

But in simple words, you say that is a way of traveling without harming the nature and culture of a particular place. Doing this will minimize the impact of negative things on nature and culture. People should know how traveling can affect local culture, business, wildlife, the environment, and people.

Pillars of sustainability

There are three pillars of sustainability, or else you can say three key principles of sustainability. They are listed below

The environment pillar: It mainly focuses on removing the negative impact of traveling on both environment and wildlife. It also includes minimizing your carbon footprint from air traveling, water usage, plastic, and packaging waste, especially by not disturbing the wildlife. You can avoid all these things by searching for a responsible tour operator who believes in sustainable travel.

The economic pillar: The pillar refers to the business that gets profits to be sustainable. The economic pillar motivates you to use your money in a positive contribution to the local economy. As a traveler, it will help the local people to support the local economy.

The social pillar: This pillar is all about the impact on communities and local people. It includes local businesses that are run by the local people and the community of tourism projects. So, people who are into NGOs, social activity, charities, and responsible travelers can take the opportunity to take part in tourism projects.

It’s up to the travelers who are more passionate about adventures and conscientious businesses. Sustainable traveling will become a reality if you all do your part. That’s why many people are standing together for collaboration. And some people don’t even know what precisely sustainable travel means. So for them, here is a brief guide about how to be a sustainable traveler in a post-Covid world.