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How To Be a Sustainable Traveler In a Post Covid-19 World

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How To Be a Sustainable Traveler In a Post Covid-19 World

Travel and tourism are not going to be sustainable overnight, and you need to take a stand and support it. So, here are some ways to be a more sustainable traveler.

1. Go Green and pack eco-friendly essentials

Make sure you bring your reusable water bottles, mugs, plates. Spoon and flasks. Doing these things will make a significant impact on sustainable traveling. Also, opt for the toiletries such as shampoo bars and natural deodorant. Pack all the stuff in paper bags rather than packing in plastic bags.

2. Support the local communities

Instead of spending dollars on the things made internationally and can get anywhere, opt for the local market and artist. Value the work and art created by local artists. Motivate local communities by eating and shopping locally, staying in local communities rather than resorts and 5-star hotels, and traveling safely with the local guides and transport providers.

3. Mode of transport

If you compare flying with any other transportation mode, it produces more carbon per passenger. So, avoid flying whenever and wherever you can and opt for local trains or buses. Traveling by bus or train will reduce your carbon footprint. In case you are visiting a place where you need to fly, consider taking a non-stop flight. It will save your time and fossil fuel.

4. Renewable Biofuels

You learn about the flight at the last point, so here is another one for an eco-flying tip. Make sure you look for flights that support renewable biofuels. This fuel is made using unwanted agricultural waste, wood chips, and plant oils. By using biofuels, you are reducing the carbon footprint by up to 80%. Airlines that use renewable biofuels are Qantas, JetBlue, KLM, Lufthansa, and American Airlines.

5. Consider travel as a privilege

Due to Covid-19, the world looks smaller than it is. So it is essential to remember how privileged you are because it is possible to travel again. That means you need to take care of the local communities, government, and businesses by giving back to them in a way you can. If you do it correctly, travel and tourism can unite with educators, drivers, and employers for change and empathy.

6. Everyone is responsible

When you talk about travel and local communities, it’s is the responsibility of everyone to take care of them. But the main thing is to accept it because each traveler plays a significant role in softening the negative aspects. You all know that tourism brings massive revenue to local businesses and communities. Before planning the trip, do proper research about the most environment-friendly travel companies that believe in engaging with the local communities.

Eight must-have things while going for sustainable travel during the Covid era

The above points will guide you about going on sustainable travel, but you will learn about the things you should carry with you in this sub-point. The list will keep you and around the corona-safe.

1. Protective mask: Make sure you carry a reusable protective mask. You can check out the companies that make masks with sustainable and recycled material.

2. Shampoo Bars: To avoid the sudden pop open of the bottle, consider taking a bar along with you. Some bars are made from natural ingredients and contain zero amount of chemicals and additives.

3. Toothpaste tablets: It is a new and innovative way of brushing your teeth and avoiding plastic waste that is created by the packaging. These tablets are safe, healthy, and free from artificial sweeteners that generally come in the toothpaste tube.

4. Reusable swabs: Swab is an innovative alternative for your makeup fixes and cleaning your ears. It stops single-use plastic and reduces plastic waste and ocean pollution.

5. Bamboo cutlery: To avoid the single-use plastic cutlery, people started making the cutlery out of bamboo plants. Whether you’re traveling on the train or going for a picnic, having your cutlery is always a good idea. It is a spoon, fork, knife, straw, and brush, including chopsticks.

6. Hand sanitizers: Keep the hand sanitizer bottle in hand. In case you touch any surface which is not clean, immediately use the sanitizer with 60% of alcohol.

7. Disinfected wipes: You can clean any surface and disinfect it using cleaners based on hydrogen-peroxide or bleach cleaners.

8. Thermometer and oximeter: A travel thermometer will help you measure your body temperature if you have symptoms like fever, coughing, or a sore throat. Using an oximeter, you can measure your oxygen level. If it falls below 94 percent, then you are symptomatic.


Now, you have learned about how to be safe and sustainable while traveling in post-Covid. Which one will be your favorite item to pack? Did you know about anything else that is not mentioned in this list or any new product that you need to add to your routine life? What things do you suggest to other travelers to pack for their next trip? Let’s work together and stop spreading the COVID-19 and save the planet.