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Wanderlust Quotes

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Wanderlust Quotes

Amazing Quotes and Ideas about Wanderlust Quotes

Travel is about emotions and memories and thus evokes lots of thoughts that are sometimes easy to express and at times you fail to find the right words that will convey your true feelings.


1. “You Must Go On Adventures To Find Out Where You Belong.”— Sue Fitzmaurice

2. “I Travel To Be Replenished With Beauty, For Travel Makes The Beauty Of This World Seem Like A Christmas That Never Ends.”— Carew Papritz

3. ”Look For Chances To Take The Less-Traveled Roads. There Are No Wrong Turns.”— Susan Magsamen

4. "Life Is About The Adventures You Take And The Memories You Make. So Travel Often And Live Life With Open Eyes And An Open Heart.”— Katie Grissom

5. “Life Is A Magical Journey, So Travel Endlessly To Unfold Its Profound And Heart Touching Beauty.”— Debasish Mridha

6. “Everyone Is A Wordsworth In Certain Moods, And Every Traveler Seeks Out Places That Every Traveler Has Missed.”— Pico Iyer

7. “The World Is Full Of Wonderful Things You Haven’t Seen Yet. Don’t Ever Give Up On The Chance Of Seeing Them.”— J.K. Rowling

8. “Half The Fun Of The Travel Is The Esthetic Of Lostness.”– Ray Bradbury

9. “No One Realizes How Beautiful It Is To Travel Until He Comes Home And Rests His Head On His Old, Familiar Pillow.”– Lin Yutang

10. “Adventure Begins With A Thought, Decision, And Action.”— Lailah Gifty Akita

11. “By Seeing How Small The World Is, I Realize How Capable I Am. I Can Conquer Anything. Anywhere. Anyone.”— Tawny Lara

12. “A Wise Traveler Never Despises His Own Country.”– Carlo Goldoni

13. “Don’t Let Your Luggage Define Your Travels, Each Life Unravels Differently.” — Shane Koyczan

14. "Take A Few Minutes Of Every Day To Fantasize About How You Would Wander, Travel, Or Explore If You Could.”– Wayne Dyer

15. “We Wander For Distraction, But We Travel For Fulfillment.”– Hilaire Belloc

16. “Travel Is Like An Endless University. You Never Stop Learning.”– Harvey Lloyd

17. “The Symbol Of Joy Today Is Travel. There Is A Wanderlust That Infects The Blood.”– Rollin A. Sawyer

18. “The Key To A Wonderful Life Is To Never Stop Wandering Into Wonder.”– Suzy Kassem

19. “Travelers Never Think That They Are The Foreigners.” – Mason Cooley

20. “Traveling Tends To Magnify All Human Emotions.” – Peter Hoeg