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Road Trip Quotes

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Road Trip Quotes

Top Quotes and Inspiring Sayings about Road Trip

Were you looking for something motivation for your next road trip? These quotes will make your road trip more epic and adventurous on the road. The quotes are guaranteed to fuel your wanderlust. Also, while planning your road trip, don’t forget to select your playlist. It will make your tour more remarkable and exciting.


  1. “Stop Worrying About The Potholes In The Road And Enjoy The Journey.” – Babs Hoffman 
  2. “Do Not Follow Where The Path May Lead. Go Instead Where There Is No Path And Leave A Trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson 
  3. “If You Don’t Know Where You Are Going, Any Road Will Get You There.” –Lewis Carroll 
  4. “Driving At Night Is About Communicating With Lights.” – Lukhman Pambra 
  5. “If You’re On A Road Trip, You Need Driving Music.” – Edgar Wright 
  6. “Sometimes The Most Scenic Roads In Life Are The Detours You Didn’t Mean To Take.” – Angela N. Blount 
  7. “You Can Be Writing Every Day. When You Go On A Road Trip, The Trip Itself Becomes Part Of The Story.” ― Steve Rushin 
  8. “Look For Chances To Take The Less-traveled Roads. There Are No Wrong Turns.” — Susan Magsamen 
  9. “Roads Were Made For Journeys Not Destinations.” –Confucius 
  10. “The Road is There, It Will Always Be There. You Just Have To Decide When To Take It.” –Chris Humphrey 
  11. “The Road Must Eventually Lead To The Whole World.” – Jack Kerouac 
  12. “Happiness Is A Road Trip With A Good Playlist.” —Unknown 
  13. “One’s Destination Is Never A Place, But Rather A New Way Of Seeing Things.” — Henry Miller 
  14. “Making Memories One Road Trip At A Time.” —Unknown 
  15. “Road Trips Aren’t Measured By Mile Markers, But By Moments.” — Unknown 
  16. “The Road Must Eventually Lead To The Whole World.” – Jack Kerouac 
  17. “A Road Trip Is A Way For The Whole Family To Spend Time Together And Annoy Each Other In Interesting New Places.” – Tom Lichtenheld 
  18. “Map Out Your Future – But Do It In Pencil. The Road Ahead Is As Long As You Make It. Make It Worth The Trip.” – Jon Bon Jovi 
  19. “Wherever You Get To Is Better Than Where You Started. To Stay On The Road Is A Massive Achievement.” – Anthony Joshua 
  20. “There Is Something About The Momentum Of Travel That Makes You Want To Just Keep Moving, To Never Stop.” – Bill Bryson 
  21. “It’s A road Trip! It’s About adventure! . . . It’s Not Like We Have Somewhere To go.” – John Green