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Where To Go in September?

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Where To Go in September?

Best Places to Travel in September

If you look closely, September is undeniably one of the best months of the year to travel. With the temperature dropping, the seasonal rush drifts away and there’s a drop in prices – from the airlines to the hotels. With the onset of fall and back-to-school season, the once crowded promenades make way for a better view. In Northern Hemisphere, the long, sizzling days tone down to temperate existence. Whereas in the Southern Hemisphere, the frozen chill disappears as mountain passes reopen, snowed lakes melt and wildflowers blossom.

Following are the 20 best places to visit in September.

1. Seychelles

SEYCHELLESPhoto by xoracio at Pixabay

The Seychelles islands are blessed with warm, tropical climate throughout the year, making it a special destination to visit. However, September is a good time to visit, as it is drier and it does not rain around this time. The average temperature in September is 28 degrees Celsius, and rarely rises above 32 degrees or drops below 24 degrees, making it perfect beach weather.

White, sandy beaches, turquoise water, lush jungles and glimmering sunsets make Seychelles a tropical paradise. Though the weather is favorable all year round, September is particularly pleasant for bird watching (nesting of Sooty Terns), hiking, walks and trails, sailing, snorkeling, diving and surfing.

2. Paris, France


Paris – the city of lights – is on every traveler’s wish list, from romantic couples, families to backpackers. September in Paris is not fall yet as all the gardens are still blossoming. It is the sweet transition between summer and autumn. The atmosphere speaks of ‘la rentrée’, which means “back to school”, as thousands of Parisians return from their summer holidays.

September is one of the best months to visit Paris as the airfare and hotel prices take a deep cut, the throbbing crowd lessens and one gets to go about the city at their own pace. There are a lot of activities and events happening in September too for those interested in Parisian history and heritage, and much more.

3. Haida Gwaii, Canada

Haida Gwaii has wildlife, remote rainforests, mountains, stunning beaches and rich history and culture to explore. This dagger shaped archipelago located off British Columbia’s north coast consists of some 450 islands and is known as “The Galapagos of the North”. Though the temperature is comfortable throughout the year, September is a good time to visit, as the peak tourist season ends, having less crowd and the drop in prices.

The remote Gwaii Haanas National Park is embossed with unique flora and fauna, making up bottom third of the archipelago. Whether it is camping and trail in the Rennell Sound area, beachcombing in Gray Bay, or mystic views of Tow Hill and the Blow Hole on North Beach, Haida Gwaii offers something for everyone.

4. Aruba

ARUBAPhoto by tampaflgal at Pixabay

If you want to skip the crowd and looking for a bargain stay, September is the best month to travel to Aruba. Though the weather is fairly consistent all year round, about 28°C, September is typically off season as the trade winds fizzle away and the temperature increases slightly, making it one of the best times of the year to hit the waves. During low season, the beaches are less crowded, there’s plenty of room in dive boats, and same day reservations are available in otherwise impossible famous restaurants. Surfside Beach is one of the hidden gems where you can sit and watch a beautiful sunset, or visit the sandy cove of Wariruri Beach that is bordered by limestone cliffs, one of the favorites among local surfers.

5. Scotland

SCOTLANDPhoto by 1681551 at Pixabay

Scotland, though small in size, boasts of many treasures in its tiny domain – vast skies, gorgeous landscapes, spectacular wildlife, and rich, multilayered history. From humungous castles and fortresses, to lochs, to empty wilderness, there is so much that this country offers. Though summer is the usual peak season for visitors, September is an ideal time to visit as the crowds are commonly thinner, while the weather is still as good as peak summer time. September is typically a shoulder season in Scotland as the tourists are winding down and the country becomes slow paced as everything gleams with the first touch of autumn’s gorgeous light.

6. Azores, Portugal

The Azores is an unconventional beach destination with the majority of beaches made up of black sand and shingle from volcanoes. Situated to the north of Canary Islands, the nine Azorean islands have an array of natural rock pools that are filled with ocean water and heated by the warmth of the sun, and swimming in these pools is a delight all year round. September marks the end of summer season when the temperature starts dipping, although the weather is still quite warm with a lot of bright sunny days. Indulge in dolphin and whale watching or opt for various boat tours when the island isn’t thronged with tourists all around.

7. Barbados

This lush West Indian island in the Caribbean is aptly famed for its exotic beaches, boasting powdery soft sand and turquoise bays, catamaran cruises and delectable island fare. Barbados, the sophisticated tropical island has a rich history, amazing nightlife, and a UNESCO World Heritage listed capital. September, though experiences highest rainfall in Barbados, it is still great month to visit this island as heavy showers are usually brief with many days full of sunshine. Also, the rates are all time low in this month fitting into everyone’s budget. During the rain, you can take little break from the beach and spend time in indoor activities like exploring marvelous museums and indulging in some duty free shopping.

8. Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar

Mergui Archipelago, MyanmarPhoto by Peggy_Marco at Pixabay

The Myeik (or Mergui) Archipelago consists of 800 islands varying in size with the smallest ones having just a few palm trees while the larger ones spanning several hundred square kilometers. This beautiful cluster of islands is situated at the southernmost tip of Myanmar. The pristine, islands are home to sea gypsies, also known as Moken, one of Myanmar’s most enunciated ethnic groups that live like nomads. The Mergui islands offer great opportunities to explore, with a lot of beautiful sights and adventurous activities such as hiking through tropical valleys, diving amongst untouched coral reefs and magnificent marine life, and kayaking through mangroves. September might be a rainy season with access to fewer outdoor activities, it is still a good time to travel as there are fewer tourists and one can get easy access to transport and good accommodation.

9. Cartagena, Colombia

CARTAGENA-COLOMBIAPhoto by neufal54 at Pixabay

The magnificent fishing village of Cartagena de Indias on the Caribbean coast of Columbia boasts of gorgeous beaches, historic old town (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and beautiful colonial architecture with cobbled alleys, enormous churches and balconies covered in bougainvillea. To skip maddening crowd and inflated hotel prices, it is better to travel in September, which is a shoulder period, while the places are still open and welcoming the travelers and one can explore a destination at their own pace.

10. Okanagan Valley, Canada

Okanagan Valley is a 180 km long stretch that is home to peach and apricot orchards, along with several wineries with the vines spreading across the terraced hills providing a splendid summer time escape. The valley consists of lush vineyards and quaint towns connected through clear blue lakes and rivers at the foot of rolling hills.

September marks the beginning of fall season when the touristy crowd starts to diminish. There are also various festivals and events taking place in September every year as many communities hold harvest festivals, fall fairs, etc. It is also a great time of the year to go camping as the nights are cooler while the days are warm. You can also enjoy all the goodness of local fall fruits such as pears and apples as the farmer’s markets are still open and less crowded.

11. Mexico City, Mexico

Lake ComoPhoto by StockSnap at Pixabay

Mexico City is bustling with tourists throughout the year however September is an incredible time to tour this city. Mild winters mark the blooming of jacaranda trees giving an ideal setting for a memorable holiday. Mexico City is a rare amalgamation of historic preservation and contemporary business hub. World class museums, fine dining restaurants, parks, nightlife, and shopping malls, Mexico City has it all. When visiting the city in fall, one is likely to experience some of the most famous events. September 16th marks the nation’s Independence Day, which is celebrated with gusto and fervor, and parties having fireworks, music, dance and food.

12. Australia

September is the official outset of southern spring in Australia, a season of flowering and regrowth, showcasing the best of the natural beauty and grandeur. This month strikes a flexible balance of defrosting of winter while putting off the scorching heat that hits certain parts of Australia later in the year. With warmer temperature and sunnier weather, it is a great time to enjoy the spring delights of Melbourne and Sydney. Tour the vineyards sipping on a house wine in the temperate west, and sit back and relax in the tropical northern Australia. September is one of the most popular months for weddings as the weather is just perfect, and the travel period is also at its peak.

13. Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, GreecePhoto by Mustang Joe at Flickr

Mykonos exudes truly laid-back holidays. And autumn is a wonderful time to visit this glamorous island in Aegean Sea. Come September, the majority of summer crowd has passed and there’s more room to stretch yourself comfortably and just relax, and low season means lower accommodation prices as well. With rains highly unlikely, and the average temperature just over 70F, the beaches of Mykonos are perfect for sunbathing. The turquoise sea merges into the sky of same hue, while the bright white buildings make a picture perfect backdrop. While the beaches up north offer more privacy, south beaches are all about parties, making it a paradise for travelers.

14. Panama City, Panama

PANAMA-CITY-1Photo by GaboT at Pixabay

Panama City has a lot more to offer than just the Canal. A fusion of history and modernity, this cosmopolitan capital in Central America is a regional hub of business, trade and immigration. While the old city is a maze of palaces, churches and plaza, the urban neighborhood is all about lined skyscrapers, taxis honking in traffic jams and casinos piled between swanky clubs. Head to sandy beaches, (Caribbean or Pacific), admire the architecture and functioning of the canal through a cruise or canal tour, or explore the lust rainforests of sloths, howler monkeys and toucans; the escape is beyond possible. Though Panama has tropical climate, September is a good time to visit as the weather is fairly dry.

15. New Plymouth, New Zealand

New Plymouth, New ZealandPhoto by Barni1 at Pixabay

New Plymouth has everything one can ask for - sunny climate, gorgeous parks and gardens, art galleries, mountains and sea. With Mt. Taranaki rising to its south, a visitor in New Plymouth can hike, ski and surf in a single day. Also known as New Zealand’s ‘oil town’ having offshore rigs for extracting oil and natural gas, this beautiful city was primarily known for its dairy farms and agriculture. However, the town has a lot more to offer. The Plymouth Heritage Walkway offers interesting views of historic places, art galleries and museums. Visiting New Plymouth in September is a great idea as it marks the end of winter and the beginning of autumn, offering clearer and longer days.

16. Tanzania, Africa

Tanzania-lionPhoto by Hugh_Grant at Pixabay

17. Portland, Maine

PortlandPhoto by photosforyou at Pixabay

The largest city in Maine, Portland enchants you with ornate mansions and ocean views. And September sets off the beginning of fall, which means crowd thins out and the hotel rates drop, while the weather still remains nice through the month. Walk down the cobbled streets of old port district browsing through bookstores and craft stores, or go on a food guilt trip as there is plenty to indulge from lobster rolls to even lobster ice cream! Portland is also home to the oldest continuous lighthouse in the USA, Portland Head Light, dating back to 1791. Whether it is a trip to highly interactive Children’s Museum of Maine, hopping on a ferry to islands of Casco Bay or whale watching on a cruise, Portland has something for everyone.

18. Sicily

SicilyPhoto by user32212 at Pixabay

September marks the harvest time in Sicily. Several towns on this Italian island hold festivals called ‘sagre’ dedicated to a food item or a theme. For instance, in San Vito lo Capo, people celebrate couscous, pistachios in Bronte, honey in Sartino, gelato in Palermo, and sausages in Aragona. It is also the time for grape harvest, and several festivals offer demonstrations, wine tasting and grape stomping. Festivals aside, September is also good time of the year to visit Sicily as the peak summer crowds begin to disperse, while the days are still sunny enough for swimming, diving, sunbathing at the gorgeous beaches or taking walks in nature reserves and many of the magnificent parks.

19. Mongolia

MongoliaPhoto by Kanenori at Pixabay

September is the shoulder season in Mongolia as the climate moves towards winter, however, the cool weather allows a swarm of great festivals too. With the migratory birds flocking down south, Mongolia’s grasslands and clear lakes such as Ganga Nuur, a saltwater lake encircled by wetlands, make for one of the country’s peak spots for migratory bird spotting. In early September, Ganga Lake Festival is hosted in this area for autumn gathering of swans ready to head out for their winter journey. The festival also celebrates a local ethnic group called Dariganga along with song, dance and food. Mongolia also celebrates its traditional nomadic life at The Nomads Day Festival on 17th and 18th September, every year. Held at Natural Reserve of Gun-Galuut, this festival gives the visitors a glimpse of their traditional nomadic culture.

20. San Francisco

San-FranciscoPhoto by Walkerssk at Pixabay

Home to little bit of everything, San Francisco has so much to offer that you’d never want to leave. Explore Fisherman’s Wharf and Aquarium by the Bay or ride on a cable car above the fog during the day; have an exquisite dinner at Michelin starred restaurant or at a small joint in Chinatown and head out for clubbing at night. September particularly is a good period to visit this sublime city as the beginning of autumn offers warm temperature. It is also a good time to stroll across one of the city’s greenest spots, the Presidio. The San Francisco Shakespeare Festival is another highlight of September. With plays being performed every weekend throughout the month, all one needs is a blanket and a picnic basket to enjoy the exploits of Perdita, Hermoine and Leontes.