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Best Places to Visit in March

Photo by Michelle_Raponi at Pixabay

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Best Places to Visit in March

Best Places to Travel in March

March welcomes spring and hope in the air. The days are longer and weather is more comfortable making it ideal time to vacay. Another attraction of travelling in March is that it helps you avoid summer crowds and absorb more from your chosen destination. Lesser crowd also means that you can travel more affordably. Hotels, flights and overall travel cost goes south thus making things easy on your pocket.

If you are convinced and long to go for a March holiday here we suggest some destinations that are at their best during this time of the year. Choose the one that best suit your fancy and get springing!

1. The Maldives, South Asia

The MaldivesPhoto by romaneau at Pixabay

2. Sydney, Australia

SydneyPhoto by pattyjansen at Pixabay

3. Hangzhou, China

HangzhouPhoto by tobbo at Pixabay

4. New Orleans, Louisiana

5. Douro Valley, Portugal

6. Tanzania, East Africa

7. Washington, D.C., USA

WashingtonPhoto by 12019 at Pixabay

8. Reykjavik, Iceland

ReykjavikPhoto by Barni1 at Pixabay

9. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos AiresPhoto by Pxfuel

10. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

PlayaPhoto by PxHere

11. Andalusia, Spain

AndalusiaPhoto by 1919021 at Pixabay

12. Bretton Woods, New Hampshire

13. Vermont, USA

14. St. Barts, Caribbean

15. Vietnam, Asia

VietnamPhoto by sasint at Pixabay

16. Madrid, Spain

MadridPhoto by mivservices at Pixabay

17. Pureto Rico, Caribbean

Pureto RicoPhoto by MariamS at Pixabay

18. Canary Islands, Spain

Canary IslandsPhoto by af-hightech at Pixabay

19. New York City, USA

NYCPhoto by MonicaVolpin at Pixabay

20. Scottsdale, USA