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Best Places to Visit in April

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Best Places to Visit in April

Best Places to Travel in April

April showers bring May flowers. This beautiful month between spring and summer is an ideal time for a getaway. The weather gets warmer, the grass gets greener, and the sun shines brighter, all month long. And frequent showers accompany gorgeous blossoms making it a perfect weather for all travelers alike. Also, April offers exploring some of most prominent and famous destinations without major tourist surge, skipping exorbitant hotel prices and booking mess.

Have a look at some of the destinations perfect for a fun spring break in April.

1. The Netherlands, Europe

The NetherlandsPhoto by Pixabay at Pexels

What better time to see a country that is known for its vast tulip gardens than the season of full bloom! April welcomes fresh blossomed bulbs canvassing the landscape wherever you can see. Take a road trip through the countryside to take in the real beauty. Keukenhof, a garden in Lisse with more than 70 acres of parkland covered with 7 million flowers, is open from late march to mid may, and is a sight to behold. Besides, Netherlands is vintage-meets-contemporary, with visionary architecture, windmills, candlelit cafes and phenomenal nightlife. April also sees King’s Day, a national holiday to honor the monarchy, wherein there’s celebration everywhere from Amsterdam to Rotterdam with street performances, flea markets and all things orange.

2. Auckland, New Zealand

AucklandPhoto by Holgi at Pixabay

This largest city of New Zealand is always brimming with activity and opens you to a lifestyle that is ranked among the best in the world. April is the good time to visit Auckland and enjoy the natural wonders of the city, shop, dine, relax and feel good about life. To make your itinerary fulfilling with an unbelievable variety, there are rainforest, numerous volcanic cones proving an enchanting panorama, vineyards, best of avant-garde and street shopping. Adventure aficionados can get their adrenaline fix from sailing, kayaking and bungee jumping. Visit this multi-cultural city that has the treasures of European, Asian, Polynesian and Maori heritages to understand why it is called Tāmaki Makaurau, which means a maiden yearned by a hundred lovers.

3. U.S. Virgin Islands

Virgin IslandsPhoto by lhern03880 at Pixabay

All things tropical, US Virgin Islands (USVI) is a Caribbean heaven of pristine beaches, paramount water sports, iconic ocean facing hotels, reggae rhythms, and mango sweetened microbrews. Though the peak season is over by April, it doesn’t mean the party is over yet. St. Thomas streets are filled with carnival, bringing in fun-filled food fairs, boat races, along with romping parades displaying astonishing costumes and music alike. The quaint town of Christiansted in St Croix has colorful Colonial Danish buildings making a scenic view for dining and sailing. St John offers secluded coves, quiet trails and lively bars and local shops, making it an every bit of an ideal holiday location.

4. Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe

CopenhagenPhoto by sharonang at Pixabay

Constantly ranked as the happiest city in the world, Copenhagen is also one of Europe’s oldest and most popular cities. With April marking the end of Scandinavian spring, the low season rates is another reason to travel to this clean metropolitan. Trivoli Gardens, which is one of Europe’s oldest amusement parks, opens to public. The city has a picturesque backdrop – cobbled, bike friendly streets, candlelit cafes, ample of wooden parks, sublime beaches, and elegant lakes make for a seamless experience.

5. Bogotá, Colombia, South America

Bogot�Photo by aberratio at Pixabay

Embark on a cultural culinary adventure through the streets of Bogota. The largest as well as the capital city of Colombia is a melting pot of people from all over the nation, showcasing diversity in culture, brewing with colonial and contemporary architecture. Bogota is dominated with innumerable parks and red brick buildings, with the eastern mountains overlooking the sanctuaries of Guadalupe and Monserrate. The gastronomic adventure will leave you asking for more, be it empanada stands, ramen bars, burgers or middle-eastern comfort food. The energetic vibes of this place is fueled by hundreds of its authentic dining hotspots, incredible wines and ubiquitous food festivals.

6. Chicago, Illinois, USA


With winters subsiding and the gust going down, Chicago turns out into quite an interesting and affordable place to travel in the month of April. If you are a foodie and a history aficionado, Chicago is the place for you. Engross yourself in the architectural-history walking tour, or dine at Michelin star restaurants, or enjoy the exotic nightlife at one of the town’s premier hotspots. The museum of Science and Industry is the biggest science museum in western hemisphere, which you wouldn’t want to miss. And finally, get that adrenaline pumping while watching baseball games, as White Sox and Cubs both kick off the season to cheering crowds.

7. The Galápagos Islands, Pacific Ocean

The Galapagos Islands are an archipelago of 19 volcanic islands, home to many exotic and unique creatures such as dolphins, manta rays, land iguanas, the giant tortoise and a myriad species of birds like frigates and flamingos. April is a good time to travel to these islands as it’s an off season in the area, meaning the hotel prices dip. There is a good chance of rain; however the water is warmer, making it a great time for snorkeling and swimming. These islands are also famous for the inception of Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution by natural selection following his visit in 1835.

8. Chengdu, China

ChengduPhoto by Mr_Sun at Pixabay

Chengdu has recently come up as a key player in China’s tourism scene, known for its history, culture, arts, pandas, food and night life. The weather warms up in April, making it a pleasant time to spend outdoors at botanic garden or interacting with pandas at the local research base. Located on the edge of fertile plains of Sichuan province, Chengdu is also known as ‘Land of Milk and Honey’ due to its agricultural wealth. The relaxed vibe of the city emphasizes culture, art and history, be it the food or architecture. With lively night life scenes, food famous for its history and heat, Chengdu is the transport hub for the entire region.

9. Los Angeles, California, USA

There is much more to Los Angeles than Hollywood. This culturally spirited city has so many intriguing attractions to offer, art museums, galleries, and theatre, etc.

10. Martinique, Caribbean

MartiniquePhoto by NadineDoerle at Pixabay

With beautiful weather all year along, this once sleepy, rainforested isle has emerged as gorgeous holiday destination. Martinique essays a contrasting diversity of landscapes and atmospheres. This stunning isle is dominated by Mont Pelee that cleared out Martinique’s former capital St –Pierre in year 1902. The north of isle has black sand beaches and rainforests, while the beaches down south are pristine with crystal clear water. Other attractions include a 600 feet pinnacle, which was once registered as British warship called Diamond Rock, and La Pagerie, birthplace of Napoleon’s Empress Josaphine.

11. Casablanca, Morocco, North Africa

CasablancaPhoto by danyloz2002 at Pixabay

12. Savannah, Georgia, USA

SavannahPhoto by paulbr75 at Pixabay

This classic Southern city has so much to offer that you wouldn’t want to leave. Savannah, established in 1733, is the oldest city in Georgia and is home to one of the biggest National Historic Landmark districts in America. April is an ideal time to visit Savannah as the weather becomes warm enough for the beach and other outdoor activities. From music and food festivals, architectural tours, art exhibitions and civil war re-enactments, Savannah boasts of all kinds of attractions and activities to entertain and excite. The quaint cobblestone streets, majestic architecture, and emerald tree canopies inspires visitors to this eccentric city’s old world glamour, romance and culture.

13. Valletta, Malta, Europe

VallettaPhoto by user32212 at Pixabay

Built by the knights of St. John on Mount Sceberrs peninsula, this fortress city is Malta’s Lilliputian capital. Decreed by its founders as ‘a city built by gentlemen for gentlemen’, Valletta preserves its 16th century magnificence. Though small in size, the city is full of beautiful sights brim with rich historical past. With more than 320 monuments within an area of 1km by 600m, Valletta has been named a World Heritage Site and is described as one of the world's most highly concentrated historic area. Besides heritage monuments, city has been reborn with new museums, bars and restaurants converted in 16th century palaces, restored golden stone fortresses and new hotels, making it worth a visit.

14. Thailand, Asia


April 13th marks Thai New Year and the day is celebrated every year with much glee and adulation. Songkran New Year Water Festival spanning over a period of three days, from April 13 to 15, consists of fun filled water fights and unending revelries. The Thai Water Festival involves sprinkling water on elders out of respect, and to pay respect to Buddha as well. Besides, Thailand is home to beautiful islands – Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui, Pattaya, etc. having gorgeous beaches beaming with tropical grandeur, night life and serenity. Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand is famous for its ornate shrines and temples, and zesty street life.

15. Boston, Massachusetts. USA


If Boston is on your travel list, April is a good month to plan as Boston Marathon, the world’s oldest annual marathon is always held on Patriot’s Day. It is known to be one of best road racing events, and attracts more than 500,000 spectators every year. Besides, Boston is a city of historic treasures. Walk the 2.5 mile redbrick Freedom Trail from Boston Common to Bunker Hill, crossing iconic sites such as Old North Church and Faneiul Hall. Take the time out to watch a match at Fenway Park, America’s most cherished baseball stadium, visit the site of Boston Tea Party, or admire the architecture and grandeur of two of the most prestigious universities in the nation, Harvard and MIT.

16. Amsterdam, Netherlands

AmsterdamPhoto by 1919021 at Pixabay

April is the perfect time to visit Amsterdam. It marks the beginning of city’s spectacular tulip season with the fresh florets blossoming everywhere around, especially at Keukenhof Spring Gardens. The city locals also celebrate King’s Day on 27th April, a national holiday to honor Dutch Royal House and King Willem-Alexander. The streets are flocked by people enjoying street performances, parades, grand parties and flea markets. There are a broad spectrum of activities and attractions catering to every age, from historic sites such as Jordaan and Rembrandtplein square to more than fifty museums including the world famous Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum displaying sensational artwork.

17. Chile, South America

ChilePhoto by Lilithy at Pixabay

The best time to visit Chile’s Atacama Desert is in April as the summer heat of southern hemisphere has died down and the tourist rush has slowed. This barren yet beautiful plateau covering 1000 km strip of land between two mountain chains (the Andes and the Chilean Coast Range) is an enchanting world of rock and sand. In April you can also relish the view of autumnal leaves in the country's famous winelands. Adventure seekers can go for horseback riding through Valle de la Muerte, hiking and mountain biking through Valle de la Luna or just rejuvenate in hot springs of El Tatio. This driest desert in the world experiences almost no rainfall (1 mm average per year), has largest supply of Sodium Nitrate in the world and has an extra terrestrial soil, making it one of a kind place to visit.

18. Zambia And Zimbabwe

April is the best time to visit Victoria Falls as it is at their peak during that time, in flood. Local Kololo tribes referred to these falls as ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’ – ‘The Smoke that Thunders’, and in modern terms, they are known as the world's greatest curtain of falling water. Victoria Falls are situated in southern Africa on Zambezi River at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, thus you must visit both these countries to get full view of one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The magnanimity of these falls is such that they can be heard from a distance of 40 kms, and the mist from the falling water can be seen from 50 kms. With a length of more than a kilometer and height more than 100 meters, Victoria Falls are considered to be the largest fall in the world.

19. Ivrea, Italy

ivreaPhoto by danfador at Pixabay

This picturesque holiday town near Turin, is largely famous for the famous for Battaglia delle Arance (Battle of the Oranges Festival) held in February. The festival is similar to Spain’s La Tomatina Festival, which involves giant tomato food fight. However, April in Ivrea is fantastic as apart from a lovely weather you can also enjoy best of perks of the shoulder season. When you chose to visit Ivrea in Easter vacation you can treat yourself with a grand Carnival that takes place 40 days prior to Easter. Besides this festival, Ivrea boasts of several interesting sites including Cathedral and Roman ruins. Ivrea Castle and Piazza Castello are also architectural marvels that you can explore while in town.

20. Kyoto, Japan

KyotoPhoto by satake5 at Pixabay

Kyoto’s every nook and corner screams heritage and history spanning 1000 of years. Having served as Japan’s former imperial capital and the emperor’s residence from 794 to 1868, this beautiful city gives an insight of what Japan is all about. The city boasts of countless temples and shrines, having history etched in them. April is the most beautiful time to visit this city as the renowned cherry blossoms make a sight to behold. The traditional dances of the geisha, glistening Kinkaku-ji Pavilion, and sublime gardens would take your breath away.