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Best Places to Visit in Berlin

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Best Places to Visit in Berlin

The Berlin is the capital of the Germany and famous for its astonishing history. It’s the place where the present unrolls the story of the past. The place is just like the colorful history book, which narrates the story of World War 2, the survival from bombs, the division of Berlin into two and the United Berlin, a truly happy ending story! The modernization turns it into the eye soothing sight. Being the party paradise, the place celebrates each moment. The food, shopping, museums, music concerts, street Art and much more, the Berlin makes sure that you will never get bored.

The following are the 10 top attractions in Berlin, Germany which can make your visit more interesting:

1. Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor)

It’s the neoclassical monument in the Germany, built in the 18th century. Being the most important monument of the place, the iconic landmark narrates the history of 200 years. The astonishing monument has the 6 large columns, which creates the passageways and the two buildings for the usage of the toll collectors and guards. Once the monument was the symbol of the division of the Berlin and German, now it represents the Unity and peace. It’s the place where Mr. Ronald Reagan has given his speech and said,” Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall”.

2. Alexanderplatz

The pleasant square is located in the middle of the Berlin and one of the best sights of the Berlin. The place is the main traffic point of the town; it’s also the meet point of the town. Being one of the oldest monuments, it has served for various purposes such as cattle market, military paradise and now as the traffic point. The place has been destroyed during the Second World War and after being the developed; the place has been the center of attraction. There are many tourist attractions nearby such as Weltzeituhr and Galeria Kaufhof. The place has many fine shopping centers.

3. Berlin Wall

The visit to the Berlin isn’t perfect until you have a look at the famous Berlin wall. The wall is the tale about being the curse to the boon for the citizens of the Berlin. On the midnight of the August 1961, the wall had been constructed in the center of the Berlin tearing it into two parts. Finally, in 1989, the wall has been deconstructed in the equal shocking way as it was built. The Wall speaks the story of war, deaths and departure, reunion, and the arrival of loved once. You can also visit the Berlin Wall Museum to see the replicas of the wall and tower and the open air gallery.

4. Charlottenburg Palace/ Old Palace

The palace is one of the finest landmarks of the Berlin. The palace has been built for the summer stay of Sophie Charlotte, the first queen of Prussia. The palace is used for residence by the Generations of the royal family and the structure of the palace has been altered by the same. Those alterations reflect through the interior decoration stating the various architecture styles. The palace has separate segments such as the oak gallery, the Oval Hall, the porcelain Chamber. The garden is attached to the palace represents the 300 years of the gardening designs and home to numerous sculptures.

5. Unter den Linden

The Unter den Linden belongs to the historic heart of the Berlin. The street is lined up with the lime trees and the night view created by lights is mesmerizing. Being the link between the Brandenburg Gate and the Schlossbrücke Bridge, the place is home to many historical monuments and building such as the Kronprinzenpalais, the Prinzessinnenpalais, and the Opera House. Being the essential historical monument, the Unter den Linden is matching the beat with modernization. It’s the perfect place for the shopping, food, and fun.

6. The Gendarmenmarkt

The Gendarmenmarkt is the square located in the Berlin and renowned as the most beautiful square in the Europe. It has mainly 3 parts the Französischer Dom (French Cathedral), Deutscher Dom (German Cathedral) and the Konzerthaus (concert hall). The place’s architecture represents the royal history and wonderful art. The place is home to some fabulous sculptors. The square has some fantastic hotels, restaurants, and cafes to seat, and relaxes. You can enjoy the best artistic performances at the Berlin Opera.

7. Reichstag

The building of Reichstag was used as the parliament building. The building has played vital role in the political history of the Berlin. The Reichstag has been destroyed in the war and caught the fire but it was rebuilt during 1961-1971. As it’s always in the news the recreation of the building and the glass dome is also in the highlights. The place offers some magnificent views of the city; it’s the breathtaking scenery during the night from the rooftop restaurant. The place has high security and making advance booking for the visits id good idea.

8. Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

The church reminds the Berliners the ugly truth of the war and the story of the destroyance. Being the most interesting landmark of the place, the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church has two churches first the ultra modern church built during the 1961 and the original ruined tower. The place serves as the war memorial and center of attraction towards the visitors. The Sunday services of the place have some music events and organ recitals.

9. Grosser Tiergarten and the Victory Column

Being the oldest urban park in the country, the Grosser Tiergarten is an important landmark of the Berlin. Once used as the hunting place for Frederick the Great, with the passing time the place has been converted into the public park. Apart from the amazing flora, the place has many monuments; some of them are very famous such as Statue of Queen Luise and Monument of Frederick Wilhelm III. The victory column is also located here and keeps attracting the tourist. The place is perfect to seat back, relax and to enjoy the beauty of Berlin.

10. Museums

The Berlin is the city of museums as its home to more than 170 museums. The place has preserved the history and some important art collection, which keep attracting the people from all around the world. Some famous museums are the Museum Island which is also the UNESCO world heritage site, Museums at the Culture Forum and the Museum of the Contemporary Art. During the year some special events were organized in the museums.