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10 Best Cruise Tips for First Timers

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10 Best Cruise Tips for First Timers

10 Very Useful Tips for First Time Cruisers

Luxury vacations are topping the charts with cruise travel being a hot favorite of the seasoned travelers. Today, you have multiple choices of classy cruise vacations available around the world taking you to the most exotic locations and offering you all the luxuries you can think of at a very budgeted all-inclusive price. So, if you have still not embarked on a cruise vacation, there are plenty of reasons that you do.

Here are 10 great tips for first time cruisers.

1. Choose your cruise line

There is a wide range of cruise lines running the length and breadth of the globe. Every cruise offers customized packages with distinct atmospheres on board. You can choose what type of cruiser you would like to be and what locations you want to visit. Starting from a luxury cruise with elite services, to more subdued or retro themed rides, the packages on the cruise ships vary to suit different travelers with different budgets.

While assessing a cruise line do check its theme offering. So whether it's a party-themed ocean liner of the Norwegian, the family-oriented ships like the Royal Caribbean, or the art history-themed like Oceania – travelers can choose how they want to enjoy their vacation. Here’s a tip - smaller cruise liners offer more personalized experience with a relaxed atmosphere, as compared to large ocean liners that echo luxurious extravagance.

2. Bargain hunting

Your chances of getting an excellent pocket-friendly deal can happen if you book your cruise vacation a year in advance. Last-minute deals may become expensive with less or zero benefits or discounts. Also note that you can get a better package during vacations like the Christmas period, and July-August months in Europe. Packages for Australia go on a hike during the October-April high season, whereas April-May is shoulder season. Worldwide, the best month for a cruise vacation is September as per pricing deals.

3. Avoiding claustrophobia on your cruise vacay

First time on the cruise and getting claustrophobic is the worst thing that can happen to you on vacation. Best way to choose the right ship is through research. Many of the cruise ships are almost a city-size, floating on water, with large lobbies, spacious indoor and outdoor pool decks and outer deck for you to take a walk watching the vast horizon on the sea. A typical seven-day cruise package includes stopping overs at ports, giving you the opportunity to explore the port cities, enjoy walks along the beach, or savor lunch at a local restaurant.

4. Choice of budget-friendly cruise vacations

Most of the cruise vacation package is all-inclusive of food, port travels, and explorations. The packages combine the majority of trip expenses into one rate, plus you have a choice of customizing it as well. Usually, your cruise ticket would include 3+ meals per day, twice-daily serviced cabins, a list of engaging board activities and nightly entertainment, giving you value for money. In the luxury cruise liners, the quality of service, dining experiences from renowned chefs and cabin accommodations surpass the cost of a night's stay in a five-star hotel.

In these luxury cruises, the add-ons like excursions and alcoholic beverages are generally not included. So that adds up as an overhead cost to the total amount. Check the package carefully and choose the one that fits your bill.

5. Exclusive gourmet experience

The food on the cruise ships is mostly classy. The buffet served by these ships is an experience apart. You can have your choice of meals, especially the breakfast. You should plan your breakfast order night before. You can set room service of your breakfast order according to your wake up call. You can wake to a fresh cup of coffee served along with your choice of omelets. Buffets style attracts most of the crowd for breakfast whereas the lunch and main dining rooms offer more flexible timing and personalized service. You can select room service with nominal charges for each meal.

6. Entertainment at your discretion

Your cruise package will include entertainment that happens every night on the cruise, but you need to make the reservations in advance. Broadway musicals and stand-up comedians from TV make your night happening and enjoyable. You might bump into your favorite TV host or stand-up comedian during your cruise vacation. There also a choice of music concerts, dance performances and live bands playing, while you sip on your favorite cocktail.

7. Precautionary measures for your seasickness

Some travelers do experience sea-sickness because of ship's heavy swaying due to ocean waves or bad weather. The new ships have the technology to minimize the effects of the cruise swaying motion. You need to keep yourself hydrated at all times and ensure that you counter each alcoholic drink with a glass of water. While out on the deck or the pool, apply sunscreen throughout. There is always medical help available on the ship. They can provide you with the medication needed to control seasickness. In case you are too anxious about seasickness, book a cabin in the lower center area of the ship.

8. Activities to keep you going

From entertainment to sports to designed activities for passengers on board, there is no way you can get bored while sailing the seas. All cruises are packed with activities, where you can begin your day with a fitness regime, followed by playing your favorite sport – tennis, golf, cards, board games, etc. There is also a choice for art and craft, cookery classes, lectures on various interesting subjects, and much more. Each day will be a new day for you. You will receive a comprehensive planner that lists down the activities you can do, dining hours, and late-night bar options.

9. Stay connected while you cruise

With internet connectivity, you can choose to engage online or enjoy each moment away from the cyber world. It is entirely your choice. Wi-Fi facility is available on all cruises prioritizing high-speed connectivity that can stream Netflix anywhere on the ship. If you are willing to dive into the World Wide Web even while cruising on the beautiful seas, choose the internet packages before boarding, for undisturbed connectivity. You can use your phone along throughout the day, with options of downloading resourceful apps offered by the cruise, that help with passenger-to-passenger communication, daily activity schedules and tracking account charges.

10. Cruising in serenity

If you are the kind who likes a nice, quiet, and relaxed vacation while at sea, you can get that on every cruise ship while having separated areas for fun and frolic. You can have a day at the spa with classy amenities and facilities that almost all cruise liners provide in partnerships with renowned spa brands. If a peaceful atmosphere is a priority, a cabin with a balcony can be booked to enjoy the perfect view of the ocean. It is advised that you should prep-up a day bag for your first day on the ship. Reason being, once you board the ship, your luggage is whisked away and is delivered to your cabin only once the ship has sailed, which is usually a few hours later.

Cruise vacations are an experience of a lifetime. If you are a first-timer, make the best out of it while using the above recommendation to make your vacation your best memory.