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10 Mistakes First-Time Cruise Travelers Should Avoid

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10 Mistakes First-Time Cruise Travelers Should Avoid

10 Cruise Mistakes You Should Avoid on Your First Cruise

If you are planning on going for a cruise, there are a few mistakes that you should avoid making. This will enable you to enjoy your cruise and get the maximum from your vacation.

Here are 10 cruise mistakes that every traveler should avoid.

1. Choosing the Wrong Type of Cruise

There are different types of cruising options and you should check them out before you book your cruise. You can opt to sail with complete strangers or book a private charter to enjoy the company of family and friends. Make sure you select a cruise type that suits your interest as this will ensure you have a memorable cruise experience instead of a miserable one.

2. Selecting the Wrong Itinerary

A cruise is not just about sailing. While you do spend time sailing the waters, cruises also drop anchor at ports and offer a range of shore excursions. So, you should make sure that your cruise itinerary has the perfect blend of sea days and port days so that you can enjoy onboard activities as well as visit places of your choice. Choose an itinerary that allows you to visit places that you have always wanted to visit.

3. Skipping Breakfast During the Cruise

One of the worst things you can do is avoiding breakfast on your cruise vacation. Besides being the most important meal of the day, a breakfast kickstarts your metabolism and ensures you have the energy to participate in all the activities that you want during your cruise. Otherwise, you will be grumpy and fatigued and will not enjoy your vacation.

4. Eating Too Much

There is no doubt that cruises are all-inclusive when it comes to food. However, stick to the usual three meals a day instead of trying to tuck in another one. Avoid late night snacking and temptations while you are on a cruise. It will fatigue you and worsen seasickness if you suffer from it.

5. Drinking When the Sea is Rough

This is a big no-no. When the sea is choppy, your stomach will be heaving. So, the last thing you need is drinking too much. It will cause you to get seasick and you will not be able to enjoy your cruise, as for the next few days you will be holed up in your cabin, getting sick!

6. Opting for Shore Excursions Without Knowing the Details

It is a relief for many travelers when the ship calls on a port. However, don’t opt for a shore excursion merely to get off the ship. Instead, check the excursion details carefully so that you choose one that suits your interest and this way, you will not be kicking yourself during the tour.

7. Not Visiting the Main Dining Room

Yes, cruise ships have a main dining room and it is elegant and sophisticated. It is where the best food during the cruise is served. So, make sure you eat your meals in the main dining room instead of going for the buffet every time. This is a common mistake first-time cruise travelers make as they want to get their money’s worth. The dining room also lets you enjoy the company of other passengers and you can forge friendships that last a lifetime.

8. Turning Up Late for Dinner

Ships have formal dining most nights and passengers are grouped together. So, if you turn up late, your table mates will have to wait until your starter and appetizer are served before they can get their main course. It is also disrespectful to other travelers to turn up late. So, make sure you come to the dining room at the appointed time. This way, neither the other guests nor you will miss the after-dinner show!

9. Trying to Do All Activities the First Day of the Cruise

This is a major cruise rookie mistake. You will be on the cruise for several days and you should learn to pace out the activities so that you have something to enjoy every single day of your trip. This way, you will not exhaust yourself and have a whale of a time. You will feel refreshed and relaxed when you return home, just what a cruise vacation is meant to do.

10. Ignoring Passport and Visa Requirements

When booking your cruise, check with the cruise operator about passport and visa requirements. Most cruise lines opt for a special visa that covers all destinations that the ship will drop anchor at. However, it is best to be safe and ensure you have the right visa to get off the ship and enjoy the region’s sights and sounds.

These are some of the most common mistakes first-time cruise travelers make. Don’t be among them. Instead, be a smart cruise traveler and ensure you don’t make these rookie mistakes.