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10 Best Reasons to Take a Cruise

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10 Best Reasons to Take a Cruise

10 Reasons Why You Must Experience a Cruise

A wise man once said, ‘man cannot discover the ocean unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.’ Cruising is the best way to add some salt to your traveling recipe. Many Non-Cruisers question, ‘What if I get Seasick’ or ‘I don’t have ‘sea legs’, what then?’ Experiencing a cruise, even for the first time turns many a landlubber into the sea seekers with very steady “sea legs”.

Cruising offers you an opportunity to be sun-kissed daily or wake up in a totally new location every day or so. Wandering from port to port, you are able to enjoy the diverse cultures, the spectacular landscapes, the yummiest foods and you get to meet the most remarkable people.

Here are the 10 reasons which will tell you why the cruises are so amazing.

1. Waking up in a new land

The thought of waking up in a totally different place from the one you went to sleep in the night before is pretty amazing! Cruises allow you to enjoy glimpses of many places with someone else handling all the travel arrangements, quite mind blowing, YES? Cruising is less bothersome than any other kind of vacation or travel plans you can ever experience. No need to carry luggage to every location you visit, no packing and unpacking with every hotel stay, let your luggage stay in your floating closet and allow your senses to enjoy every experience that is laid before you for the taking.

Discover hidden gems in the unique locations that your cruise may take you. Experience cultures never known of before. Meet people who belong to a reality that was not your own before this time. Be molded by this experience and you will never be the same!

2. All inclusive…it is worth the money

Think of it, Broadway-caliber shows, exotic drinks, multicourse meals, in between snacks, multiple pools, energizing hot tubs, fully equipped gyms, comfortable cabins, live music, multiple clubs with varying themes just waiting for you...all of this included in your cruise at no additional cost.

A few items like cocktails, massages, spa treatments and shore excursions will require additional monies but when it comes to comparison, cruising is far less expensive than any of your other vacation plans.

3. Planning is not your headache

Planning a vacation is a nightmare! The thought of coordinating flights, hotels, land transportation, finding affordable eateries, ensuring that every member of your party is in the right place at the right time and in full agreement before you embark upon your vacation is so tiring, you wonder if it is worth taking the vacation because you feel you can rest at home instead of setting course for this unchartered territory.

Let your cruise team think of all the things that would interest you. Let them coordinate all the things that are so fascinating about the ports that you will cruise to. Most cruise lines have their preferred vendors for land transportation and flights are sometimes inclusive in the total cruise price. Because the cruise industry is so symbiotic, that is all players depend on each other for the betterment of the whole, you end up getting the cream of the crop when it comes to various services with minimal cost to you.

So relax and allow the professions to take care of planning your cruise vacation.

4. Culinary Excellence…

Food is always intertwined in every experience we have, including the cruise experience.

Cruise ships are famous for its flamboyant dinner scenes and black-tie events all surrounding elegant culinary creations. Hours have been spent from preparation to presentation. Some cruises offer themed dining and suggest attire match the theme so you may be celebrating a night at the Casbah and being dined with some Arabian foods, Indian or Asian fusion foods. Interesting, right? Just about it should make you hungry and excited about this type of environment.

5. Get pampered like royals

Vacation should not be the time to be running around but to lay low and be pampered. If being pampered is in your list of things you would like to be done during your vacation, cruises offer the best form of pampering. Regardless of your port of departure, on the wide-open sea you are transformed into Kings, Queens, Princesses and Princes. Royal hospitality is what cruising is all about. You are laid on hand and foot. Before your glass is empty, it is being refilled. Your plate will never be left empty on your table.

Get ready to enjoy the spa, fine music, exquisite dining or be pampered every day by the staff as they anticipate your needs and fulfill them. Cruise ships are the perfect places to get spoiled!

6. Kissed by the sun

Some cruises take advantage of the weather in the tropics and the winter season is usually a great entice to get travelers to move away from the cold weather and enjoy the warmth of the sunshine in the tropics. Cruises offer a number of opportunities to soak up the sun and enjoy the visions of the rays entering the surface of the sea and becoming one where there is no start or end to differentiate them. As the day ends, the streams of multi-colored reflecting on the ocean surface from between the clouds is such a vision of beauty that you literally do not want this burst of color to change into the darkness of the night.

7. Unlimited fun

Cruises are known for being the catalyst of Fun where there is no time to be bored. Various themed shows, music fiestas, karaoke competitions, fine dancing and comedians are a small sample of entertainment that cruises offer. Cruises offers something for every age group including a number of outdoor activities.

8. Get Connected…

Cruises are the perfect opportunity for the family vacations as it is affordable and satisfies most age groups. Friends can get together to have fun on any cruise based on their interests. Activities are so diverse on the cruise ships that no one is left out of the celebrations. Couples utilize cruises to get away from it all or to announce the start of a new chapter in their life like engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Whatever the reason, cruises are a great place to create forever memories.

9. Explore the wilderness of Sea

Cruises offer you the chance to explore the wildlife of the sea as you can participate in Oceanography Seminars. Many cruise lines partner with the Discovery channel, Animal Planet, Shark Week, Deadliest Catch and this partnership generates interest into ecology and the conservation of our Planet Earth.

10. Admire the Spectacular ocean

The Ocean captures the heart with its beauty. The blue water and fresh air, the smell of the salt and the rhythm of the waves become one with you. The flowing ocean carries peace within the heart and seems to calm the activities of the world.

Cruising is definitely one of the finest vacations you can ever take.