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Italy is a year-round destination, making it possible to visit any time of the year. However, each season has its advantages and disadvantages. The main destinations in the country do not experience rainstorms and snow for long durations, so focus more on temperature and daylight hours when planning your visit. Summer is peak season, but it gets very humid and warm. Air conditioning is not available other than in high-end hotels. Shoulder months are best for those, who have no timing restrictions.

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June and July are peak season when crowds throng Italy. August is a slow month, with hardly any crowd, hence, the best time to visit Italy.

June and July

Cinque Terre Italy

The further south you go, the hotter it gets. Coupled with the humidity, the weather can be extremely uncomfortable. However, the days are long and in the night, visitors and residents are usually out during the night, strolling around.


Venice Gondola Rides

Most restaurant, office, and shop workers take off during this month, so big cities look deserted. Heat is still oppressive during August, and many shops and restaurants will be closed. However, the crowds will be thin, so you can explore without any hassle.

November to March

Gondola Venice

This is off-season in Italy. Compared to other parts of Europe, Italy has mild winter. Rainfall is not too much, and snow is rare in cities and low lands. With hardly any crowd, you can score attractive hotel deals. However, during this period, many trade fairs are held in Milan, Rome, and Turin, causing hotel prices to shoot up in these cities.

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