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Boarding a Transatlantic cruise is a fabulous means to travel between Europe and America. All through your journey you will be surprised with a diversity of destinations. Depending on your chosen voyage you can experience mighty cities of Paris, Rome, Lisbon, Venice, St. Petersburg, Copenhagen, Barcelona, New York, Miami, New Orleans and more. Cruise to Transatlantic will make you experience exotic and cosmopolitan cities, finest beaches and duty-free shopping. Whatever be your chosen stopovers, a journey through the Atlantic Ocean will be an alluring one. Its beauty and serenity will relax your body, mind and soul. Both spring and autumn are the best seasons for going on a transatlantic cruise.

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If you are planning a Transatlantic Cruise, remember that you will be at sea for four or five consecutive days. So, you'll need to plan your time for cruise according to the weather. Summer months are considered idea...