About Dubai and India

When you reach Dubai, explore the desert traditions of Bedouin in the west with modern luxury and entertainment. Ride on a camel amidst the desert and drink some Bedouin tea. Take a shopping tour the huge, futuristic Dubai malls and check out the local souks. Take an elevator to the glamorous rooftop restaurants and enjoy their cuisines while you look down at the planned roads below.

The incredible India is a celebration of diversity and color. Get your hands on the exotic jewelry, multicolored dupattas and sarees in the country. Bask in the sunlight at the beaches of Goa and indulge in the hippie lifestyle while you observe the cocktail of Portuguese and Indian culture.

Articles About Dubai India

Dubai is truly a traveler’s paradise. The place is always bustling with activities and attractions for people of all ages and varying tastes. What's more, the city keeps innovating to catch up with the fancies ...