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Discerning cruise travelers who have visited the Mediterranean, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and the South Pacific, vouch that none is as breathtakingly beautiful as the icy views one gets to see when cruising Alaska. This gorgeous state of USA is rich in natural beauty and hosts an astonishing variety of wildlife so you get plenty of opportunities for outdoor and adventure activities.

On a trip to Alaska, your ship may offer shore excursions in Ketchikan, Sitka, Juneau, and Petersburg. These towns offer plenty of sightseeing and other activities so you'll have tonnes of memories to take back home from your Alaska cruise tour.

10 Exciting Things To Do and Explore on Alaska Cruise

1. Enjoy Dog Mushing

Tour the gorgeous mountains on a dog sled and have the experience of a lifetime. The unique culture of Alaska is thoroughly enjoyable. As you take the ride, learn about the history of Iditarod, the annual dog sled race and how the dogs are trained for the same. Getting to spend time with Husky puppies and enjoying their cuddles is one of the perks of dog mushing.

2. Visit Glacier Bay National Park

Glacier Bay National Park can be viewed from a ship. The park is worth a visit. Here you can spot glaciers amidst glorious mountain scenery, sea lions, and bears that make the park a captivating destination. You'll also be delighted to visit the Mendenhall glacier. Sailing through the Tracy Arm, which is a 30-mile long fjord very near to Juneau.

3. Take a Helicopter Ride

Getting an aerial view of icy glaciers and the unspoiled landscape is an incredible experience. Hence, a helicopter ride is a highly recommended adventure when on an Alaska cruise tour.

4. Feel Close to the Wildlife

The expansive uninhabited landscape of Alaska is home to an incredible variety of wildlife. At the Denali National Park, you can spot bears, eagles, and caribou. If you enjoy fishing, you'll delight in the opportunity to go for fly fishing in the park.

5. Spot a Whale

An interesting activity to while away your time when on a cruise is to find a whale from the ship's deck. You may be lucky to spot the majestic creatures playing in waters. If you spot the seagulls swarming, it is a clue that the whales are close by.

6. Take a Ride on the White Pass Railway

If your ship drops anchor at Skagway, book yourself a ride on the White Pass Railway. The train travels over the mountains to provide you with a spectacular view and a good look at the route once taken by the gold miners while on their route to the gold fields in the Yukon. You can also club rail ticket and a bus ticket, the bus will take you to Yukon Suspension Bridge, where again you get to enjoy breathtaking views and click beautiful pictures.

Skagway is an old gold-rich boomtown, which has beautiful historical buildings, shops, bars, and restaurant. You can even take a day to explore the town and marvel at its beauty.

7. Do Kayaking

The iceberg-filled bays near glaciers of Alaska make a wonderful sight for kayaking. The serenity and the calmness of the place are unmatched. You need to experience the place to know its worth.

8. Learn about the Natives

It is fascinating to learn about the natives of Alaska. Their interesting stories can be discovered through the totem poles that are carved into the tree trunks. These depict their family legends, beliefs, and the major events that occurred in their life. Totem Heritage Center and the Totem Bight State Historical Park in Ketchikan are wonderful places to visit if you are interested in learning about the Alaska natives.

9. Savor the Feast

If you wish to get a zest of the traditional Alaskan cuisine served in the authentic Alaskan style you must make yourself a part of the outdoor events such as a Salmon Bake and the Crab Feast. You will enjoy the fresh flavors and a wonderful taste of the meal.

10. Just Be with Nature

Alaska is one of the most scenic cruise destinations in the world. So, it is highly recommended that you book a room with a balcony. Just wrap yourself in a blanket and soak yourself in the sight of the lovely scenery. The spectacle of mountains, icebergs bloating by, the playful whales, and the stillness of nature is a blissful experience that you will cherish forever.

Book Your Cruise to Alaska!

Going on a cruise to Alaska is on the bucket list of seasoned travelers who love scenic outdoors and wish to watch wildlife in all their majesty. If you are planning a cruise vacation, why not book a cruise to Alaska? The glaciers, the fjords, and the grizzly bears all await to welcome you in nature's most blessed Alaska.

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